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30 July 2020

Firefox Tips and Tricks

Firefox has been one of my go-to web browsers for a while now. One of the main things I use is the addon called "Downloadhelper" and there are a few others I use automatically such as "ADBlocker Ultimate", "DownThemAll", "The Stream Detector", "Youtube Video and Audio Downloader".

Some of these are self-explanatory such as the adblocker but some might need a little tinkering.

Another thing I like about Firefox is the themes. For my current theme, I am using "Berserk - Gutts".

Here is a current screenshot of my "Firefox Browser".

Here is what I did to make my upper area more open.

(1) I removed all the add-ons and placed them all inside the "Overflow Menu".
(2) To make the "Search Bar" small what I did was I added (4) "Flexible Spaces" to the area past the "Search Bar" and it shrunk the "Search Bar" and the spaces I added where invisible add-ons.

Its very simple actually.

Now the add-ons are all inside the "Overflow Menu".

Another thing I have setup is the "Options Menu" I went to the "Home" area and set that up.

Here is what I did.

(1) Once in the "Home" area. Next "Home Page and New Windows" is set to "Firefox Home (Default)". "New Tabs" which is set to the same "Firefox Home  (Default)".
(2) "Firefox Home Content" is set to "Top Sites - (4 rows)"

Plus of course I also have my passwords and user names saved but other then that I have not done any other tinkering in awhile.

I will make another firefox post for the addons I use and how I use them.

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16 July 2020

Second Hand Goods For Home Office

Goodwill Tag Colors, Goodwill 50% Off Colors,
"Local Goodwill 50% off colors weekly colors"
When it comes to working from home. A small office might seem like it needs a lot of stuff or a lot of money to get started.

First, you think where can I put this small office I don't have a spare room I only have my kitchen counter to work at or even my dining room table.

Well if you have a table and are working from there it is not all that hard to get stuff done. Pens and pencils can be organized inside a crayon case. Scissors can as well. If you need something like files and folders you can store them in a wall hanging organizer and hang it behind a kitchen chair. You can even buy an extra calculator from your local dollar tree and keep it on your kitchen counter along with a notepad and some pens and pencils as well just in case the kids need to do some homework they can do it with the same stuff.

If you want to keep your work and home stuff separate you can always buy a used dressing area piece of furniture like a dresser with drawers and a door or even a few doors and use it to organize the stuff for work. Or you can buy a new or used armoire and convert it into a small office and keep everything in there including the PC.

There are many ways to find free or cheap used furniture there is, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups, There are even local second-hand stores as well. Plus you can always check with family members to see if they are going to have a garage sale or see if they are replacing any furniture in the next month or two. You can always get great deals that way or even free stuff that way.

Next check out local second-hand stores. Don't just check by going to places you already know about because there might be church run places or other places you don't know about. So the best way to check for second-hand furniture by using second-hand stores is by writing a post on a "Buy/Sell/Trade Group" and asking "Hey I'm going to be doing some second-hand shopping the week coming up is there any stores someone can tell me about other than the local goodwills."

You can find out about a lot more stores that way.

Plus if you offer to take a friend with you sometimes you might find out about new stores that way also.

Here are a few tips on second-hand shopping.

(1) Take a pair of plyers or a small hammer in case small nails are sticking out of cardboard backing.
(2) Take gloves to carry furniture, not by bare hands.
(3) Always take hand sanitizer and don't forget to use store sanitizers as well.
(4) If you have a mask wear it. Plus always check for great deals on masks as well.
(5) Take a tape measure.
(6) Take the sizes of the room before purchasing furniture.
(7)  Take photos of the room to make sure the furniture will look okay or even fit.
(8) Look for a similar item online to check for the price difference of new and used.
(9) If an item has paper covering and you don't like the color may be buying it and then a roll of contact paper might help. After all, don't just pass up because it is the wrong color you can change simple things just for a few extra dollars. "Dollar Tree stores sell contact paper for $1.00 each and sometimes in several different colors. Plus there crafting section has a nice selection of different things sometimes."
(10) Always check YouTube for DIY videos on how to update or upgrade the look of your file cabinet or plastic bins. Or How to use dollar tree organizing bins in a home office. There are hundreds and thousands of videos on YouTube on how to organize on the cheap.

I have even gotten things for free from my local area I got a older free desk plus I also got a few other things as well. It all depends on what your looking for and what your able to do with the stuff you find.

So good luck to you all and what your able to find.

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14 July 2020

How To Change PC Sounds And Get Free Sounds

Step (1) Find a free site such as (Zedge) and get free .MP3 ringtones. And then place them inside a folder inside your (Music Folder) and name it (PC Sounds) or something like this. I used ("PC Sounds").

Next, you will need to take the .MP3 files and convert them to WMA to play them on the PC as sounds.

To convert them you can do that online for free at (MP3 To WMA Online Converter). "Once the files have been converted they might be downloaded as a ZIP folder depending on how many files are converted at once."

Once the files are opened and moved into the "PC Sounds" folder you will then need to open settings>System>Sounds>Sound Control Panel and then in there click on "sounds" under "Program Events" select what you want to change the sound file for I started with " Desktop Mail Notification" and then clicked "Browse" button. And then found the folder inside music and then selected the WMA file I wanted to use.

And then clicked "Apply" then "OK" then all done. You can change each one or change many at once and then click "Apply" then "OK". I just changed one for now though. But it works the same way for other things as well.

I hope you all enjoyed this article. And enjoyed tinkering with your Windows 10 PC.

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13 July 2020

Calibre Best Free Ebook Manager

Calibre,Ebook Manager, Free Ebook Manager,Manga Collection
I have been using the free calibre Ebook manager program on my windows 10 laptop for a while now. I have been tinkering with it off and on as well.

I use it to convert free ebooks into PDF format so I can read some magazines and ebooks on my laptop from Google Chrome and rip out pages that I like and then organize them into folders.

But just the other day I found out about something called a "CBZ" Comic Book Zip folder I had never even heard of it before. And I now use the calibre program to convert my manga as well.

This is the best program to use if you are looking for a simple and free way to organize your ebook or manga collection.

I don't know where I would be with my ebook collection if it was not for calibre.

I now have the complete collection of "Baki - Son Of Ogre" on my RCA Voyager 3 Tablet.

Free Calibre Download "Calibre".

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12 July 2020

Top (5) Things to add to Windows taskbar for bloggers

  1. Image Editing Program
  2. Music Folder
  3. Notes From Notepad
  4. Calculator
  5. Mail

(1) Image Editing Program "How to add a program to taskbar - Placing an image editing program straight onto your taskbar is a great idea so you don't have to open the windows start menu every time you need to open the program to trim or edit an image before posting it to the blog or social media account. I personally use (2) different programs I use paint which is the original paint from Windows and then I also use Paint 3D.

Okay, I will explain to you how to add them to your taskbar to make it easier to get to them later and make it easier to organize as well.

First, open your start menu and then find the paint programs which you use. Once you have found the paint program then "Right Click" on it and look for "Pin To Taskbar" or "More" and in there click on "Pin To Taskbar".

"*You add programs all the same way. By opening the start menu and finding the program and then by following the above steps.*"

(2) Music Folder "How to add a music folder to your taskbar - First you need to know the exact location of your personal music folder you wish to use for this folder. Next, once you have the folder's exact location all you need to do is this "Right-click" on the taskbar on an empty spot. And then find "Toolbars" once there open it and click "New Toolbar" and then in there find "The location of your folder" once there you can see the "New toolbar which is actually the name of your personal music folder." This Toolbar will have a little arrow button leading to the actual MP3 files list of songs inside your folder. Just click to play the songs.

(3) Notes From Notepad "How to create a go-to list of notes on Windows 10 taskbar. This will work the same way as with creating a toolbar for the music as well." First, go to your "Document" folder or where ever your notes from notepad are saved. Then click on "New Folder" and rename it something like. "Important" or "Blogging" or something like that. Then you just move all the important. TXT documents that relate to your blog or reviewing information to this new folder. Then double click to open the folder and copy its location and then create a new toolbar like with the "Music" folder. And then make sure the folder is selected inside the toolbars area on the taskbar. And then there you go you have a list the same way you do with your music.

(4) Calculator "How and why to add a Calculator to your taskbar - If your a product reviewer for sites other then just amazon or if you get codes from sites to review products then the best thing to do is have a Calculator at hand to make sure of the amount your paying. Some items may have extra amazon coupons active at the same time as your order and you might save more money or even get things for free. Plus some items being offered for a higher price with a really low value are not as good as paying full price for a different name brand it all depends on the price or the shipping time and so forth. So having a Calculator on the taskbar makes it easier to get to. And do your figuring. Here is how to add the Calculator you add it the same way you would if it was the "Paint" program. Just by opening the "Start Menu" and finding the program and then right-clicking it and then adding it to the taskbar.

(5)Mail "What you have to do is forward all your Yahoo! Mail from the same email address where you get your emails to straight to Gmail. By doing this you can also heck your Yahoo! mail on the Gmail App on android Phones or Tablets."*Unless original email address is Gmail*"

Next once you have your Yahoo! Mail going into the Gmail all you need to do now is setup a secondary email address that will only receive Order confirmation emails or package shipping emails. to it. So even though your emails are going from to Yahoo! Mail to Gmail these select ones will be also sent to a new email address.

Now how to add the new email account.

(1) Sign up for a free email account I used Yahoo! Mail. Next once you have the new email setup you need to forward all the gmail emails from Yahoo! Mail to Gmail to the new Yahoo! Mail. To do this sign into your Gmail account from a PC or a device on a browser. And then click the "Gear Icon" once there Click "See all Settings" button.

(2) once you are in the settings area add your new email address to the "Forward and POP" section. And then cofirm at the new email address.

(3) Once you have it confirmed turn off the forwarding to that email address in Gmail settings. This way not every single email will be sent there only the ones with mew Gmail filter setup.

(4) To set up a filter now what you have to do is this >Gear Icon>Settings>Filter and Blocked Addresses. Once in there create a new filter for each of the addresses you want to be forwarded to your new Yahoo! Mail account or mail account that can connect to "mail App" on Windows 10.

Gmail Settings,
"Gear Icon>See all settings"

How to Forward Gmail Emails,How to Forward Select Emails,
"Forwarding Area"
Gmail Forwarding Email Filters,
"filter Adding Area For Forwarded Emails"
(5) Click "Create New Filter" once there name it in the from use the email address that amazon send order confirmations from. Next click "Create Filter" it might look "Grayed Out". Click it anyways.Example ebay order confirmations comes from so from would be "" and then click "Create Filter".

Now you set up the filter which ever way you want.

I personally have mine like this.

Gmail Filter Set Up, Gmail Filter How To,
"Gmail Filter Set Up"

Mine is set to mark it with a "Star" and then automatically forward all these emails to "Drop down area" select your new email. This way only these incoming senders will be forwarded to your new email account. Then Never send to spam. And Always mark as important.

Now once your emails are coming in your all set up to start working in the "Mail App" on Windows 10.

Now find and open the "Mail App" Click start menu and scroll till you find "Mail" now open it and then set it up with your new email address. Or disconnect your old email address and then connect your new email address.

To disconnect just click the "Gear Icon" and then click "Manage Accounts". Then just delete the account. Now you need to add an account. Once you are connect you will receive a new sign in email. And then all you need to do is make sure your Windows 10 Notifications are set correctly.

To make sure your notifications are set correctly. Just left click on the right hand side of the bottom of the screen and click the notification icon. Now once notification has opened look to the upper right hand corner for "Manage Notifications".

Notifications needs to be turned "On" and then you need to make sure "Mail" is also turned on. I have Mail and AutoPlay both on. I have everything unchecked except for "Play Sounds" that is still on also.

Now all is done. I hope others find this helpful as well. If you do please let me know in the comment section below.

P.S. I know it might be easier to just change the email address for a lot of the online accounts. But then even if you get the "Daily Ebook Deals" then even those would be in there and you would also get notifications for deals or sales on its you don't even need or like. This way it makes it more specific for select incoming email addresses.

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Blogging As a Side Income

Free templates, Free Blogger Templates, Free Wordpress Templates,
"Sample Of Original Frau Template"
It is really very simple to create a blog to make a little side income if you know what you are doing. To be honest you don't really need to know what your doing actually.

the first thing you need to do is create a free Google Gmail account and then create a free blogger account.

Now once you have done that just decide if your blog will be just for reviewing products or if there will be other stuff on there as well. My blog is not too big but I am working on creating more content.

The first thing you need to do is decide what it is for and then give it a name and a description and once done with that you need to decide if you want to use the original template from blogger or if you want to visit a free template downloader site like

now once you have decided on the kind of content you want to put on the blog you might want to visit and sign up for a free affiliate account and turn the posts that you made or will be made into a bit of a side income. Unless you already have an affiliate account then just add your new blog address to it and then start adding content to your site with affiliate links included.

The thing is you can use your youtube videos as content and just add the videos to the blog posts and then write content from the video.

Example, "Okay everyone I received this (2-Weeks) ago and now I have figured out how to do this or this is really cool because you can do that." Just add more information then what was in the video originally. And then place a link in the video description tot he blog and from the blog to the video.

You can even create other blogs posts like a top (10) favorite free sites and then the reasons why. And so forth.

The thing about making blog posts is you don't need hours and hours of video editing you can actually take an older video and place it inside the post and review the product again inside the post with newer information.

This would be a great way to make some side income even if you don't have a youtube account or if you don't make videos yourself.

If someone already reviewed your product you can place their video inside your post and then make your own post content about the product.

For example, if they found (5) things about the product they liked find (5) more things you liked and add your list to there list. And just let them know you are going to use their content and that way they might share a shout out to you. Plus make sure you thank them for there content or top (5) list in the post and comment on there video "Hay I found (5) more really great things for this product and then place your link inside your comment." Or just make sure you have your website added on your youtube account even if you don't make content use other's content and always thank them after all they have 5,000 views that might turn into traffic for your site as well. The more views and subscribers they have the better.

Plus don't forget to use affiliate links in the top (5) posts section and don't forget to say you are using affiliate links.

I hope others can find this post helpful and if they do please keep an eye out for my upcoming blog post with tips and ideas on how I plan to use my blog in the next few weeks. I will be posting tips and ideas all this week.

I hope you enjoyed thank you!

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Firefox Decluttering

Today I started organizing my Firefox browser. I started with the Toolbar by removing a few buttons that I didn't need to see at all times to the "more tools>>" button I think cleans up the browsers look a lot. I only kept things I would need to see a lot of the time like the download arrow button and the downloadhelper button and bookmarks button. Otherwise, everything else is hidden.

Next, I removed Add-ons I no longer use or need.

I then removed (3) themes I no longer liked as well.

After that, I organized my bookmarks and deleted over 3.

I have it looking pretty clean and organized.

Sure it took me a little while to get this done but that is totally worth it.

Plus my current theme is called "Berserk - Gutts". I like the "Anime and Manga".

There are many ways to organize and customize your Firefox browser. I have mine set up pretty simple. I like to go with the flow. And now since the bookmarks are better organized it will be easier to actually keep things cleaner.

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Yahoo! Mail Organizing Tips and Ideas

Today I have a few plans for the early part of the day until evening.

I plan to clean out my inbox for my yahoo! mail account. I will need to be sorting and deleting over 25,000 emails. I currently see (30,127) unread messages. I will be unsubscribing from many different email addresses and also deleting and blocking some emails. I will also be setting up filters as well.

I will be giving some step by step instructions on how to do this yourself if you have many emails that you don't even read anymore or even follow.

(1) Sign in to your Yahoo! mail account.
(2) Create a folder called "KEEP".
(3) Find all the senders you still want to receive emails from and open there newest email.
(4) Now once the email is opened look where it says "Website Name" then grayed out <actual email address sent from> now copy the grayed out email address. And place it in the "Find Messages, Documents, Photos or People" search area.
(5) Now you will see every email from the address.

Tip (1) If this is a shopping site kind of email address look through the dates from the emails and see if there are any receipts you need to keep or anything like that. And then delete the rest.

Tip (2) While you have the leftovers shows mark them all and move them into the "KEEP" folder or make a second folder called the same name as you see when you get the emails from. Example " or Amazon Orders" it all depends on the sent from email address.

(6) Keep at this for the main sites you use.
(7) Now since you have cleaned up all the emails you want to keep.
(8) Once you have moved all the emails you want to keep into there own folders open 1 email from each folder and click the 3... next to spam and click "Filter Messages Like This" and then select the same folder your using. And now every email from this sender will be placed inside the folder.
(9) Now once you have all the emails in there specified folders all you need to do is take a quick look at the folders if you have numbers showing it means you have unread emails in there. But if you don't think they're important and they're just receipts or something then just right-click the folder and left-click mark all as read. *Now by doing this if you receive any new emails to those folders you will see a number for the unread emails.

Now since all of the messages have been moved for the senders you want to keep it would be a good idea to save some sender into your contacts. That way you can put all their email address into one folder by using filters. And using all the sender's email addresses as senders.

Now, this should get you started with your big email mess and help with organizing and decluttering.

Good Luck.

#YahooMail #YahooMailOrganizing

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MP3Tag Tag editing and Album Art adding is easy with MP3Tag Free Program

I have just run through all of my MP3 music files that I moved from my phone to my laptop plus ones I also found on the computer and used the MP3Tag free program to Rename and change the album art for (292) MP3 Song files.

I know I have a few hundred more MP3 song files on my older windows cellphone. I still have not gotten it charged to move the music to my computer to rename them and change the album art yet.

Just doing the (292) today took me about (40) minutes or so. Tomorrow I plan to get the windows phone done if I can find a charging cable to get it charged tonight. I will update this article with how many songs I kept from the windows phone and had to rename and how to move to my new cellphone.

With both phones, I should have about (500) or more songs added to my new cellphones MicroSD card by tomorrow.

Here is a link to the free mp3tag program that I have been using for a few years ( Hope you enjoy the program.
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RCA Voyager 3 Tablet "Waste Not What Not"

How to use a RCA Voyager 3 Tablet
"RCA Voyager 3 Tablet"
I have decided to factory reset my RCA Voyager 3 tablet today and tinker with the apps a bit. By removing some of the original apps that come with the tablet.

After a factory reset, I got these apps under "All Apps" I have "Basic Daydreams, Calculator, Calendar, Camera, Chrome, Clock, Contacts (Disabled), Files, Files Go (Disabled), Gboard, Gmail (Will Disable), Google Assistant Go (Disabled), Google Go (Disabled), Google Play Movies & TV (Disabled), Google Play Music, Google Play Services, Google Play Store, Hangouts (Disabled), Launcher3, Manual Del Usuario (Disabled), Manuel De I'utilisateur (Disabled), Maps Go (Disabled), Photos, Settings, Sim Toolkit, Sound Recorder, Tedongle Settings, User Manual (disabled), YouTube (Disabled)." So far that was all I could find.

The space available on this device is 16GB of that 4.33GB is used.

I do not plan to use this for online streaming or anything like that I just like the 7" screen for the reading of manga "Japanese Anime Comics"!

I will not be using the rest of the GB from the device I will be using a MicroSD card that I plan to install in the tablet.

I do plan to add a few apps to the tablet that can run without the need of the internet but once I do all the manga and ebooks will be downloaded to my laptop and then added to the microSD card and then reinserted back into the tablet.

Here is what I plan to add.

A free CBZ reader without advertisements if I can find one. And then also a few wallpapers and ringtones for the notifications. Other than that I don't plan to have this for anything but an alarm clock and a reading device.

It is to slow for things like playing games and the slow loading for videos is just really to slow. So I figure I can use this as a reading device and timer and such and then use my other tablet for games or even my cellphone for games.

I completely stopped several google apps by disabling them. I did it with contacts as well since I won't have internet of any kind on it. So why have apps turned on and enabled that need internet?

So now while I have internet turned on I will try out a few CBZ and ebook-reading apps.

I will create another article explaining what apps I used and what wallpapers I used and so forth once I get this all set up.

Just because this is a slow and cheap tablet does not mean I can't still use it. Why place all of my ebooks and crafting projects I want to do on my gaming tablet if I can use this.

#RCA #RCATablet #Tablet #TabletDevice #AndroidTabletDevice
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16 April 2020

ZIPIT Carbon Storage Case

ZipIt Carbon Case
ZipIt Carbon Case

With this new pencil case, I just received from zipit it is a carbon storage box that can be used for many things. This box measures 8.3 x 5.3 x 3 inches which is a good size to even be able to hold a power bank and a cellphone. This box is in the color of black and has an inside mesh pocket with a zipper.

This pencil case is big enough to be used for small electronic devices or even extra charging cables and accessories. I plan to store in it an extra charging cable and adapter as well as my 5" tablets when not in use. I also plan to store my stylus in it as well.

I don't like the plain black look but some stickers and a simple small keychain on the zipper will fix that. Or even use to case to hold jewelry on a trip or things you don't want all banged up and broken like an extra pair of reading glasses or prescription glasses.

The size of this case is nice for holding small electronics even my 5" fire tablet fits in here
Color is plain black which makes this easy to customize with stickers or a simple keychain
Mesh inside pocket can zip closed so things can be stored without falling out of mesh pocket
There is even a elastic pocket in the front of the zipper mesh pocket
(With a few Elastic straps to hold longer items in place in front of mesh pocket)
"LIFETIME - ZIPIT offers lifetime against any manufacturer’s defects Please register your big pencil box on our website to qualify"

Plain Black but like pro it can be customized
No carry strap which would have been a nice addition

#Zipit #CarbonCase #CarbonPencilCase #PencilCase #CarbonStorageCase #CarbonElectronicStorageCase
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