Amazon Shopping Tips

When it comes to shopping online there are many things people don't realize. Some of the time they just go with the flow and don't really do everything they can to save as much money as they can. After all signing up for amazon prime might seem like a big deal but to those that do all they can save even more then just using the prime account.

Yes Amazon Prime is very impressive but there are other things that Amazon can offer that some people don't pay much attention to after all some people don't goo exploring the settings very often.

I will be telling you in detail how to change a few things in settings that will help you save a bit more money on Amazon.

(1) First sign into your account and sign up for a free prime membership this is very simple next if you have a EBT or a Medicade card you can get a discount off of your Amazon Prime Membership.
(2) Here is another thing you can do to save some money on free ebooks or discounted ebooks or magazines. Pay attention to what is on sale or what is about to go on sale. To do this sign up for the Amazon Newsletters.

(3) Plus you can search for free ebooks specifically by typing in a keyword such as "Organizing" and then while still in the search bar change from "All" to "Kindle Store" and then hit enter or the magnifying glass icon. Then on the right side of the site under the "Kindle Support" change from "Sort by: Featured to Price: Low to High. That should set up on a good journey from free and low priced ebooks and magazines to higher priced ebooks and magazines.

Here are 2 of my ebooks I have purchased both for free and I will explain on how I got them as well.

Both of these ebooks were free when I purchased them. I got the first one from a $10.00 Amazon credit that I had received around Christmas time and the second Ebook I had purchased with free digital credits I had also received. The free digital credits was do to using "No Rush" which is when amazon dose not need to ship the product quickly its just for selecting a slower means of delivery. Which I do from time to time.

I currently have a $8.00 credit for Prime Pantry thanks to "No Rush".

You don't only get digital credits but also other types of credits. All you need to do is pay attention when Checking out. *Plus some times if you order more then one thing the same day you select No Rush and then you select the 2 day shipping on the other order sometimes there both sent out together or even sometimes in the same packaging.*

(4) When signing up for the Amazon Ebook and Magazine newsletter its always best to sign up for other information as well. Such as
  • Your Shopping List: Reminders 
  • Amazon Music CD Newsletter
  • Amazon Coupons
  • DVD and Blu-ray Deals
  • Women's Fashion 
  • Amazon Giveaway Newsletter
  • Prime Member Newsletter
  • Today's Giveaways
  • Amazon Music Newsletter 
  • Daily Deals
  • Digital Deals and News 
  • Prime Video Channels
  • Kindle Daily Deals
  • Anime Strike Newsletter - Great for anime fans like myself but its only Quarterly*
  • Amazon Video: Screening Room
  • Blogs: Al dente, Armchair Commentary 
All of these and more can be sent to you by email which many of these can help you find great deals and interesting finds. 

To sign up for the list above all you need to do is sign in to your amazon account and then once you have go to your account. Then in Email Alerts, messages, and ads find email. Then in there click on "Browse all subscriptions." Once you have go through everything you find interesting and just turn them on very simple. 

(5) Here is a few tips about the giveaways if you don't win you can still sometimes get coupons from the product. You just need to pay attention after you click on the box if you do not win it win sometimes offer a (%) off the item. And sometimes its a pretty good deal. 

(6) Here is another tip you might want to know its not amazon related but still a good thing to do. Sign up for a free yahoo mail account and Organize yahoo mail with filters. "By signing up for a free Yahoo! Mail account it makes organizing you incoming mail much easier to manage then Gmail or other type of email account that I have found. 

(7) There are also many cash back programs that offer (%) of cash back such as ebates as well as swagbucks. The site swagbucks offers points for giftcards and ebates offers a check in the mail or paypal deposit of $5.00 or more. There are also apps which offer the same thing such as ibotta also offers a (5) back with using there app while making purchases from amazon. *"By using my referral code, wicecxh, you can get up to a $20 Welcome bonus. Sign up at".

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