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It feels like it has been forever since my last post

Today I received a few packages in the mail I had received the headphones I had purchased for my younger cousin Zachary they are for his Xbox one. I had also received my new microphone its called a ZealSound Plug and Play Microphone. I have been trying to find some cheap and easy ways to make my videos for my review videos look and sound a bit better. So far I have a few different things that I hope will work.

The only thing I didn't get for myself are the headphones listed below.

EasySMX Cool 2000 Stereo Gaming Headset for PS4, PC, Xbox One 7.1 Surround Sound Over Ear Headset with Noise Cancelling Mic, LED Light and Volume Control, Blue

The light feature can go from each piece with a slow flash, the a slow fade and even solid blue then off. Which is really very cool.  

The microphone is called a "USB Microphone, ZealSound Recording Plug&Play Home Studio USB PC Microphone w/ Metal Stand for Skype, Recordings for YouTube, Google Voice Search, Games, Vocal Voice Record" there are (2) colors available Black and Champagne.

I purchased the black one. The price of the microphone is currently under $20.00 at the price of $14.96.

What I really like about this microphone is that you don't need any other fancy stuff to use it. From extra things like phantom power or extra cables or even a microphone port. All I needed was a simple (USB) port. For this price and this simple to set up it a win!

Now I also said I received some lights well here they are below.

I have gotten these really nice looking (Fairy) style string lights. There called "StarryMine Fairy Lights Clip String Lights Battery Operated for DIY Curtain Window Decoration Indoor, Bedroom Wall Party Wedding Birthday Decor, (Cool White)"

What I plan to do with these lights are light up a cloth background against the wall in my bedroom. I hope the plan in my head works out on the wall as much as I hope it dose.These are such a soft and pretty light I think they will look freaking amazing. Plus I also got a free sheet of stickers in the package of lights as well. Which was a nice little freebie that was included which was a pleasant surprise. You don't get freebies much anymore inside these like this.

Now for the second light item I had received which is a string of "Lysignal 16ft Neon Glowing Strobing Electroluminescent Light Super Bright Battery Operated EL Wire Cable for Cosplay Dress Festival Halloween Christmas Party Carnival Decoration (Pink)".

I still don't know what I plan to do with this. I could run them under my bed as a nice under-bed lighting. Or I could use them to run the inside of my entertainment cent I keep in my bedroom and use it as a background mood style lighting. Ether way this is a really nice lighting option for my bedroom.

I really like bright fun colors and this pink is really cool looking. If this project of mine turns out with the pink I might get some more in other colors for other areas of my home. As well as for other project like clothing projects like for hats and jackets.

So far the end of this year I have found some pretty good deals online with some pretty cool thing. Hope I find some more goodies before the year is over. I have some high hopes for black Friday as well.

How To Rip Pages From a Free Digital Magazine

I have been ripping out the recipe pages and crafting and even how to project pages from free mail order magazines for a few years now and tossing away the rest of the magazine. But then the pages will sometimes get damaged while being removed from the magazine.

So I checked around online for for free ways to separate pages from magazines so I could keep the pages I wanted and organize the pages by folder..

So I found out ways to do this with magazines with quizzes and games as well as other things as well.

(1) I plan to download all the magazines I find online for all my favorite magazine providers from past magazines.

(2) I will then upload the magazine online to a site called "Free PDF Splitter"

(3) Once the pages are split then all I need to do is go back to the same folder where the original magazine is stored and remove the original and open the new folder that was created for the new split magazine and delete the pages I don't want.

Its very simple and easy to do. Plus free. All you need to do is get your hands on some free digital ebooks or magazine. Plus also has free ebooks and such as well.

Walmart Clearance Shopping Tips and Ideas

Both priced at $13.97 Each
The first thing you need to understand about clearance shopping is that not everything on clearance will be in the clearance section. Some of the times clearance priced items will remain where there originally located and other times there moved to larger parts of the store it all depends on how many of the items they have and if there is enough room to sell the items.

Example in the clearance section a lot of the times you will not find random shoes or boots but some of the times you will at my local walmart. Most of the time they just put the clearance sticker tags on the racks where the shoes or boots originally hang rather then putting a sticker on each pair.

And other times if there putting up new shoes or boots they will move the clearance shoes or boots to the middle of the isle and put a clearance sign on the rack. In my local walmart the clearance rack for shoes currently says $3 and the on the end cap it says $5 it depends on the name brand of shoe.

I know that there still moving shoes from the shoe section to the end caps and the rack in the middle of the isle so I decided to walk down the isle and just see what all they had on clearance. I normally wear walking shoes since boots cost more.

But this Saturday I got really lucky and was able to find a pair of boots for only $9.00 Originally priced at $29.83 a savings of over $20.00.

 Friday I also got a few pairs of pants there terra and sky name brand pants in size 3X and original price was over $7.00 I paid only $1.00 for each pair I got 8 pairs.

I also purchased a "No Boundaries Novelty Pouches"for only $1.00 originally priced at $4.97.

Saturday I also found some underwear for $2.00 a bundle fruit of the loom name brand they were originally over $8.00 a bundle I got mine for only $2.00 a bundle I bought (4) bundles.

Here are a few tips and ideas when shopping your local walmart.

(1) Always check the clearance section
(2) Buy what you need and what you might be able to use even later
(3) When buying items that have a coupon use a coupon
(4) Check other areas of the store for clearance items not only the clearance section
(5) Don't just check the young boys section for cool T-shirts also check mens section sometimes random sizes are also mixed when put on clearance racks
(6) When looking for clearance priced food items check end caps and end cap hanging racks as well as low to floor shelves

(7) Use apps such as Ibotta "Use my referral code, wicecxh, and you can get up to a $20 Welcome bonus. Sign up at"
Coupons app, Checkout 51 app, Walmart app and there are also (2) free gift card apps as well such as coinpop "You will receive 4444 coins as a start-up bonus." Fitplay is also a app to use to get free gift cards as well "You will receive 4444 coins as a start-up bonus."

"I will get rewarded by apps for others signing up for the apps through my links."

Latest Dollar Tree Visit

Saturday the 16th of February my Cousin Matthew and his girlfriend Silver took me shopping at the local dollar tree store and when I got there I found some really good deals but heck its the dollar tree I normally find really good deals there.

When you first walk into my local dollar tree store you turn to your left and there are some quarter machines behind the door area and next to them there's a shopping cart or two with clearance stuff in the ether shelf pulls or opened items or unsold holiday goods.

So when I took a nice long look inside the carts I found a few good things list below.

List of clearance cart items and there prices:

Found Opened in Clearance Cart for $0.25
Salon Quality Clasp Free Flat Elastics 15 on the card originally but 1 missing price was $0.25
Aduro rm band style cellphone case Pink and reflective in color no damage price was $0.25
12pcs mini ball point pens Halloween style price was $0.25
Headbands removed from card but still all together 6 in total Price was $0.25
Opened Cellphone stand Price was $0.25
Brach's Kiddie Mix candy lemonhead, super bubble, jaw busters and Now and later Price was $0.25
I purchased 5 bags gave 1 bag to Silver cousins girlfriend

I also purchased a few new bins and containers that are not listed on the site yet. But there pink and teal in color. I spent about 7 or 8 dollars on bins and containers that night.

All in all a really good day for deals from the local dollar tree.

How To Organize Yahoo Mail With Filters

Here is how you set up incoming mail filters.

Once Settings is opened. Look to the left and find "Filters".

Click Add New Filter. And fill in the information.

Filter Name. "Pinterest" Set Rules "From" "Contains" Type in Filter Value E-Mail Address from Sender. "" Choose a folder to move to "Pinterest". And then done with that "Filter". Save.

If you wish to keep a E-mail address but have way to many E-mails to sort through from that senders E-mail address. Try this trick. Make a list of E-mails you wish to keep or make filters and then block the sender and delete all of there E-mails at once. And then just unblock them in the settings area to receive the senders newer E-mails.

Another thing I can suggest is using a different browser to make changes too your mail account. I am using firefox mainly but will be using opera to make changes to the shopping email account. 

You can change the background and other settings as well. But there are not to many options for the background choices or theme colors. 

I will be updating this post as I go. And I will let you know when it has been updated by linking it on the right side of the site.

"Free Yahoo! Mail Image from"

Amazon Shopping Tips

When it comes to shopping online there are many things people don't realize. Some of the time they just go with the flow and don't really do everything they can to save as much money as they can. After all signing up for amazon prime might seem like a big deal but to those that do all they can save even more then just using the prime account.

Yes Amazon Prime is very impressive but there are other things that Amazon can offer that some people don't pay much attention to after all some people don't goo exploring the settings very often.

I will be telling you in detail how to change a few things in settings that will help you save a bit more money on Amazon.

(1) First sign into your account and sign up for a free prime membership this is very simple next if you have a EBT or a Medicade card you can get a discount off of your Amazon Prime Membership.
(2) Here is another thing you can do to save some money on free ebooks or discounted ebooks or magazines. Pay attention to what is on sale or what is about to go on sale. To do this sign up for the Amazon Newsletters.

(3) Plus you can search for free ebooks specifically by typing in a keyword such as "Organizing" and then while still in the search bar change from "All" to "Kindle Store" and then hit enter or the magnifying glass icon. Then on the right side of the site under the "Kindle Support" change from "Sort by: Featured to Price: Low to High. That should set up on a good journey from free and low priced ebooks and magazines to higher priced ebooks and magazines.

Here are 2 of my ebooks I have purchased both for free and I will explain on how I got them as well.

Both of these ebooks were free when I purchased them. I got the first one from a $10.00 Amazon credit that I had received around Christmas time and the second Ebook I had purchased with free digital credits I had also received. The free digital credits was do to using "No Rush" which is when amazon dose not need to ship the product quickly its just for selecting a slower means of delivery. Which I do from time to time.

I currently have a $8.00 credit for Prime Pantry thanks to "No Rush".

You don't only get digital credits but also other types of credits. All you need to do is pay attention when Checking out. *Plus some times if you order more then one thing the same day you select No Rush and then you select the 2 day shipping on the other order sometimes there both sent out together or even sometimes in the same packaging.*

(4) When signing up for the Amazon Ebook and Magazine newsletter its always best to sign up for other information as well. Such as
  • Your Shopping List: Reminders 
  • Amazon Music CD Newsletter
  • Amazon Coupons
  • DVD and Blu-ray Deals
  • Women's Fashion 
  • Amazon Giveaway Newsletter
  • Prime Member Newsletter
  • Today's Giveaways
  • Amazon Music Newsletter 
  • Daily Deals
  • Digital Deals and News 
  • Prime Video Channels
  • Kindle Daily Deals
  • Anime Strike Newsletter - Great for anime fans like myself but its only Quarterly*
  • Amazon Video: Screening Room
  • Blogs: Al dente, Armchair Commentary 
All of these and more can be sent to you by email which many of these can help you find great deals and interesting finds. 

To sign up for the list above all you need to do is sign in to your amazon account and then once you have go to your account. Then in Email Alerts, messages, and ads find email. Then in there click on "Browse all subscriptions." Once you have go through everything you find interesting and just turn them on very simple. 

(5) Here is a few tips about the giveaways if you don't win you can still sometimes get coupons from the product. You just need to pay attention after you click on the box if you do not win it win sometimes offer a (%) off the item. And sometimes its a pretty good deal. 

(6) Here is another tip you might want to know its not amazon related but still a good thing to do. Sign up for a free yahoo mail account and Organize yahoo mail with filters. "By signing up for a free Yahoo! Mail account it makes organizing you incoming mail much easier to manage then Gmail or other type of email account that I have found. 

(7) There are also many cash back programs that offer (%) of cash back such as ebates as well as swagbucks. The site swagbucks offers points for giftcards and ebates offers a check in the mail or paypal deposit of $5.00 or more. There are also apps which offer the same thing such as ibotta also offers a (5) back with using there app while making purchases from amazon. *"By using my referral code, wicecxh, you can get up to a $20 Welcome bonus. Sign up at".

"This post contains affiliate links."

Free Amazon Gift Cards By Using Free Apps

There are many ways to get free gift cards the first way I will be talking about today is by using free gaming apps.

*Links Are Affiliated!*

here are the apps that I use:

CoinPop which is a free app that gives you points for using apps and playing games downloaded through its app. Apps and Games I have downloaded from there app include Bingo Blitz, Slotomania Slots, Cookie Jam, Bingo Bash, Caesars Slots, Bubble Bird V, Scatter Slots, Homescapes and also Amazon Music.

Just by using the apps you get points that can be exchanged for gift cards like paypal and amazon and a few others.

I prefer amazon gift cards since I also do product influencing.

Amazon music says "Play 60 seconds to get 23 coins" , Homescape says "Play 3346 seconds to get 251 coins". and it all depends on the app or the game.  I play some of these games daily other I play just once in a while I am currently at 40482 coins on this app.

If you use this link you will get 4444 coins just for signing up and as long as you keep a eye on the games you might find something you already play and enjoy Coinpop sign up bonus.

 There are some other apps as well such as Fitplay which is similar to coinpop but with different games and apps. From this app I have found a few other fun games such as Candy crush Saga, Word Trip, Gardenscape, Candy Crush Friends Saga, Dragon City, Fishdom and Family Farm Seaside.

Games I'm currently hooked on would be Gardenscape and Family Farm Seaside. Which I play daily and really enjoy.

Currently I'm at 26696 points and almost to a $5.00 gift card I'm currently at a $2.50 card.

If your also interested in playing games and apps and making some coins or points for some free gift cards why not give this app a try also you will get 4444 points for just signing up 4444 free fitplay coins for signing up.

There is also another app called s'mores which gives you points just for letting the app run on your lock screen. I have cashed out with it a few times already.If your interested in the app you can get a 25 points bonus by using this link and signing up with it S'mores 25 points bonus.

Of course there are other apps like shopping money back apps but these do not require any purchases or anything like that just fun games and apps. But for things that involve amazon having a Amazon Prime would help keep costs down with the apps that are not free that have ads and such.

Great Day With Ibotta!

Today was a great day to increase my cosmetic collection. Here's what I did today was the first time I ever used Ibotta and you want to know what I really enjoyed it. Not just the looking around for the items but also all the money I saved on the great pieces I found today.

Ibotta link referral with a $10 welcome bonus!

Lets start from the begging!

First off I don't wear much for makeup since I never really want to spend a arm and a leg on something I wont wear all the time so finding cosmetics with name brands like covergirl and revlon and olay on sale is some times kind of hard.

So I normally purchase my cosmetics from the local dollar tree where everything is $1.00 or under depending on if its in the clearance cart or not.

But once I downloaded this app a few months ago I kept telling myself well I will get my self some makeup I always passed up on the deals since the makeup was like $5.00 or more for each piece at walmart.

 But I do find things in the clearance from time to time with $3.00 price tags or even under and that is what I did today I dug around until I found some really good deals. Today I bought a few really good pieces of revlon cosmetics. And I will show you them below.

Below is the list of items I purchased for my cosmetics today.

I purchased a few lip and eye products.

(1)Revlon ultra hd matte metallic lipcolor, luster $7.97 Original Price Clearance Price was $4.00 Ibotta Cash Back was $2.00 I paid only $2.00 a savings of $5.97 after Ibotta

 (2)Revlon Ultra hd lip lacquer, hd pink ruby $7.97 Original Price Clearance Price was $4.00 Ibotta Cash Back was $2.00 I paid only $2.00 a savings of $5.97 after Ibotta

(3)Revlon Colorburst balm stain, cherish $6.84 Original Price Clearance Price was $3.50 Ibotta Cash Back was $2.00 I Paid only $1.50 a savings of $5.34 after Ibotta

(4)Revlon Ultra hd lip lacquer, hd tourmaline $7.97 Original Price Clearance Price was $4.00 Ibotta Cash Back was $2.00 I paid only $2.00 a savings of $5.97 after Ibotta

 (5)Revlon Colorburst Matte Lip Balm, Showy $6.84 Original Price Clearance Price was $3.50 Ibotta Cash Back was $2.00 I Paid only $1.50 a savings of $5.34 after Ibotta

(6)Revlon Mega Multiplier Mascara, Plum Brown $5.97 Original Price Clearance Price was $3.00 Ibotta Cash Back was $2.00 I Paid only $1.00 a savings of $4.97 after Ibotta

 (7)Revlon Super Length Mascara Blackest Black $5.97 Original Price Clearance Price was $3.00 Ibotta Cash Back was $2.00 I Paid only $1.00 a savings of $4.97 after Ibotta

 (8)Revlon Super Length Mascara Black $5.97 Original Price Clearance Price was $2.50 Ibotta Cash Back was $2.00 I Paid only $0.50 a savings of $5.47 after Ibotta

All together I spent a total of $27.50 on Revlon cosmetics each of which was marked at half off and after the ibotta cash back I will have only spent a total of $10.00 so it was like getting free makeup.

I also had some other things on the ibotta app I got as well such as snicker ice cream bars which are priced at $3.24 a box and I get back $1.25 per box up to 5 boxes. I bought 2 boxes of these which means each box was only $1.99 each box.

I also purchased 2 boxes of the twix ice cream bars also which was priced at $2.87 each box which makes each box $1.62 after ibotta cash back. All in all a heck of a good night to do some shopping. Scroll down to view a crop list from my walmart receipt with prices that I paid in store. A few items on the receipt was not on the ibotta app.

Resistance Bands Review

I have gotten these resistance bands a few months ago. In the month of August of 2018. I got them before I got my kitten which is now a bit bigger. I got her in October. And the reason why these bands are currently hiding inside a cardboard box in my spare bedroom is due to the fact that my older sister and her boyfriend's cat wrecked a resistance band I purchased before.

So now I plan to hang these up inside my master bedroom closet behind the closed door where she can not reach.

Here are a few things I like about these bands. First off I like that the weight for each band is printed on the end of the band and the text is easy to read and see. 

I also like that these clips on the ends are metal and not thick plastic. I also like how there are different types of extras like 2 handles and 2 ankle straps and even a door anchor for the bands as well.

I also like how these came with a carry bag as well. But I personally don't use carry bags that come with things like these after all things are tighter before they're taken out of there packaging and they just get harder and hard to put back in the same bags. So I normally find or buy a different bag to put them into.

Another thing I like about these are you can hang them up all you need is a piece of wood. About the size of a 1 inch by 1 inch about 6 inches long. And then just add some cup hooks to the board which can be found at your local hardware store or even a local walmart. I got my hooks for a different project for under $1.00 for 4 or 6 hooks can't remember how many exactly. Simple hooks will do the trick as well like the self sticking kind. But I prefer the metal I find them to be more sturdy.

I also like that these are also color based by size as well. As you can see from the image the sizes are on the bands as well. such as Yellow 10, Green 15, Red 20, Blue 25 and Black is 30.

2019 Resolutions



*Post Contains Affiliate Links.*

Okay yesterday I was in my living room picking up a few things that where laying on the floor such as magazine pulls I planned to read and organize in the summer of 2018 but never did. I picked them all up put them in a sterilite File Crate.

Mine where purchased from walmart during the big back to school sales I purchased mine for $2.00 each I purchased 4 (2) in a lime Green and (2) in a Hot Pink. I only spent $8.00 plus tax.

I use one to carry stuff from the vehicle from time to time and I use one to move stuff from one room to another. They come in handy I do not use them for hanging files there to wide. But there great colors and they were cheap as well.

After I picked up all the papers I made my way to the couch and sat there for a second or two looking at all the stuff on the couch. I grabbed what ever would fit in the bin and tossed it in there. I found my big Post-It Weekly Planner Measuring 17 15/16 X 11 15/16. I purchased mine I think a year ago from to goodwill in my area for $2.99 and it is still unopened. There is a little sticker on the back saying 5/27/15.

Mine is a bit different color is black not marble and the sticky notes are also different in color.

But this is the closest I could find as a example from
As I moved the planner hoping to find my printer power cord I found a digital scale that I had purchased from amazon a while ago. I pushed both hands against the two silver looking plates on both sides to see if it still worked.

After I noticed this was not working I grabbed some triple (AAA) batteries and got it to work again. I got on it this morning to see if my newer cellphone would connect to it because my older phone was not connecting correctly. So I downloaded the app and stepped on the scale waiting for big numbers to appear and nope I actually lost 1 pound since my last weigh in with my dietitian. I was expecting the worst. I was looking for numbers like 370s or 380s but nope 359.

After I stepped off the scale and then back on the app kicked in a got all the information more then just the weight even water weight. I was thinking what the hell is going on here this thing actually worked on my phone.

I was pleased with the results currently. At least I didn't go up on weight like I thought. Now I just need to start kicking the resolutions into high gear.

so far here is the plan. I will be taking those bins and using them to help haul stuff out of my master bedroom and anything that remains will be sorted in the bins when finished removing what I don't need in there. I also plan to hang the planner on the side of my wardrobe looking style entertainment center so that way I can better keep things organized. I can plan my days and weight and everything from this with the planner and sticky notes. I will also keep the scale under the planner so its there ready and waiting for the weigh ins.

I also have a few other plans I have these hanging plastic black see through magazine holders I got a few years ago for free from a garage sale they hang over a door by hooks that are wire tied on. I plan to remove the hooks and attach them to the wall with screws. And I will use them to organize my magazines. I have 5 of these in total I can use them for magazines as well as organizing grab and go stuff like gloves and a hat and such.

I have a really good plan so far I just need to put it in motion.

Cute Dollar Tree Jigsaw Puzzles

Dollar Tree Jigsaw Puzzles well is there anymore to say then that. Well there actually is. First of all there not the 25 or 30 piece puzzles for children there the bigger 300 piece puzzles. And there not all cartoons and puppy dogs and such there actually some really nice looking fun puzzles.

I purchased 5 puzzles and I got the cra-z-art ones for age 9 and up.

I got these one!

My Favorite Drink
Assorted Colorful Donuts in box
Hot dot French Fries and Cheeseburger on a Plate
Every Flavor Ice Cream Cones
Young Arctic Wolf

These are the 5 I fell in love with. I will be putting them together and then trying to find a few frames for them once there together.

But first I'm going to put one at a time together and glue them to a thick piece of poster board that is laying on top of my cupboard.

I don't really put puzzles together and pull them apart and put them back together.

This way I will have some nice looking cute pictures and I can make them myself.

New 2019 Christmas Clearance Ornaments

Last night I went shopping and again today and now I'm looking at the piles of new stuff on my floor still in bags that never gets put away since I don't know where to put everything. I see it on the shelf in the store and think to myself I can use that I purchase it put it into a bag bring it in the house and then never take it out of the bag.

I never know where to put my stuff once I get it.

For example, I purchased a bunch of Christmas ornaments to use on the wall as a few cute things for a background wall for my videos and yet they're still in the bags. Now mind you I purchased a bunch of stuff this year and I still have things in a bag that I purchased last year for the same purpose.

I have old amazon shipping boxes to store the ornaments into for now until I have a place to put them on the wall. And I can store the box under my bed or above my cabinet in my master bedroom. So that is the plan for today I plan to put all the new ornaments into a box and try to find the ones I had from last year and the year before. I want to put them all together. That way I can store them in the same place that way when I need them there easier to find.

So what I need to do now is get the box and start taking things out of the bags. And start putting them away.

I already have the leftover boxes from Amazon reviews that I do I might as well use them.

I also purchased 4 small boxes of Christmas lights as well.

The New Year! 2019

The day is ending near. We are coming to a end of the first day. It is getting closer and closer. And as the year was ending the night before I told myself tomorrow will be different and yet it is still more of the same. I was to make a new years resolution but as I thought it through I keep thinking maybe this or do that a bit differently. And here I am sitting and eating in front of my laptop again. I have not changed my whole life in one day and I know that I can't. The truth is you need to make small changes that lead up to the new year and after for the rest of your life. After all your life dose not end just because you fail one thing. It ends when you fail to live.

I will live today and tomorrow for the Days, Weeks, Months and Years to come. I will not end by default because I may have one or two day days. After all a lifetime is more then a day.

I hope everyone has a good year and many more years to come.