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22 November 2018

Crenova Food Vacuum Sealer : Review

I have recently received an item for influencing the item is a food vacuum bag sealer with bag material included.

I requested the campaign to use the appliance for food prepping for meals.

I do not currently do any food prepping do to not having the appliances and food storage products needed.

What I like about this appliance is that I really don't need food prep containers since the bag will hold the foods anyways once cooked or even uncooked.

I also like this option more since the seal is tight and with some containers there not all that tight and can't be turned on their sides to well.

I already have received many digital cookbooks from Amazon and also physical cookbooks from my local goodwills for great recipes to try out with this food sealer.

I plan to use this to prep healthier meals while working on my weight loss plan.

I also saw on Amazon there are things like containers for more liquid-based foods like chip dips and salsa that can seal with this appliance for storing in tighter containers for later use.

you could even use this for making batters that you can freeze for later use for cookies and dough's even.

#Crenova #CrenovaFoodSealer #CrenovaVacuumfoodSealer #Sponsored #Tomoson #TomosonReview #CrenovaFoodSealerReview

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08 November 2018

Linkedin Marketing Ebook - Review

I personally am not a "Linkedin" user I have heard of it many times in the past but never really knew much about it so I decided to download this ebook titled "Linkedin Marketing". I figured if I downloaded this ebook it would show me how to get started and also how to properly set up my account so I can get out there more.

This ebook will be a great advantage for me since I don't have very many youtube or blog followers.

I really hope to be able to use LinkedIn to help grow my social media accounts and profiles.

There are many people online that already take advantage of such ebooks and site to grow their accounts.

I this ebook there are tips and ideas on how to use the "LinkedIn" site.

#linkedin #Tomoson #Sponsored #TomosonReview #TomosonInfluencer
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06 November 2018

Miskos Eyeshadow Palette Review

Today I created a short cosmetic video for my "Miskos Eye Shadow Palette" that I just received last week in the mail. When I first opened them up I fell in love with the color selection due to the fact that these colors are nude colors.

These are really pretty colors some of these colors have shimmery glitter like shine to them.

I really enjoy the color selection of these (2) palettes there are (12) colors on each palette.

I read online in the description of these eyeshadows that they can also be applied wet and that there great for blending as well.

I just can't wait until I give these a try.

(1) Each piece has both matte and glitter palette "Very pretty glitter colors"
(2) Easily blendable eye shadows that can be applied wet or dry for many different looks "I have never worn wet eyeshadow before or even applied it before this will be fun."

No cons as of yet.

There are a few youtubers I have been looking into recently for makeup tips and ideas. There are several different youtubers online that have very interesting tips for applying makeup and nail polish. They help with beginners to more advanced cosmetic.

#Tomoson #TomosonReview #Sponsored #miskosCosmetics #Miskos #MiskosCosmetics  
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