YouTube Account History And Subscriber Organizing And Decluttering: Tips And Tricks

When it comes to youtube there are many things people do and don't do. A lot of people will subscribe to channels. Channels are locations where people can store there videos and information for the viewers. Some people name there channels something catchy and others don't even have names for there channels yet.

But here is the problem some people have they subscribe and don't keep up with the video updates.

Personally, I have a youtube account that currently says "(44) YouTube. Which means there are (44) update or notifications I have not read or seen as of yet".

So here are a few tips for using youtube to its fullest.


(1) Register for a youtube account. "The reason for registering is not just so you can upload videos but also so you can subscribe and follow your favorite uploaders."

(2) Subscribe to channels and keep track of the channels by viewing your list of channels you are subscribed to.

(3) Hit the bell notifier so you can keep updated with new and most recent uploads.

(4) When you see a (#) on your browser tab when is opened in a tab. Click on the top right corners bell icon to check for the most recent updates or uploads.

(5) Tinker with your youtube homepage often. Make it your own after all if it is your account make it more easy to find what you need or want.

Here are a few other tips and ideas.

Tip: There is a way to find your watch history and search history on youtube if you have a youtube account.

Here is how to find your youtube watch and search history.

1. When signed in look to the left-hand side and click the 3 lined icon to make sure you can see the word "History" once you can see the words then just click here and then you will see "Watched History" and on the right-hand side, you can select other history options. Options are "Watch History, Search History, Comments, Community and Live Chat."

2. You can also remove things from your history. One by one or all at once. I like to remove some stuff one by one. The reason why is because I may watch one or two videos based on a specific thing and then don't like the person in the video or the topic of the video but yet it will keep displaying the same topic.

Example of search I have removed today. "Water Balloon Tricks, Fidget Spinner Tricks, Swimming Pool Tricks and a few more.

By removing things from the search history and watch history it will help remove some of the right-hand side preview videos.

I had watched a few supernanny videos like 4 or 5 and now they're showing up all the time. And I'm not really into. So by removing them from the search history and watch history there not showing up anymore. And things that I am interested in are showing up a lot more.

I have just deleted all of my search histories and watch history.

I just went through my subscriber's list and removed about 30 or so that I was subscribed to.

And the next thing I will be doing is changing the notifications area. And I will be limiting the channels that I am subscribed to that can notify me.

Breaking Benjamin, Casting Crowns, ClutterBug, Do It On A Dime, FunFoods, Funimation, Gorden Ramsay, Hobby Lobby, JapaneseCooking101, LeeandLie, Linkin Park, Loonie Wood, Michaels Store, Netflix,, Tasty, The Deal Guy, Think Media and Timmy timato.

Now I'm done tinkering with my youtube account settings and home page.


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