How to Save Time And Money By Organizing And Decluttering What You Already Have!

"To Declutter Means To Remove Or To Dispose Of So How Dose This Save You Money If You Are Throwing Stuff Away. Well If It Is Expired Its No Longer Any good To You. Or If It No Longer Fits Its Just Taking Up Space."   

To declutter mean to remove something from the area where it is. you can declutter a shelf and clutter a box. By removing the things from the shelf and placing them in a box. but then what do you do with the box. Just let it sit there if so why did you declutter the shelf. After all, if the stuff was just sitting on the shelf why did you remove the items from the shelf.

You might have thought hay that shelf looks a bit cluttered so you wanted to remove the stuff from the shelf. But now the stuff is stuck in a box and now the room is cluttered by the box.

The thing about decluttering is not just moving stuff from one place to another it is about removing it all together.

Moving it from place to place and shelf to box does not help remove the clutter it just "MOVES THE CLUTTER."

So the thing that needs to be done is it needs to be completely removed.

So the best thing to do is find what is expired and remove it right away.

Expired checklist

(1) Foods
(2) Coupons/Weekly Fliers
(3) Skin Care/Makeup
(4) Baby/Children Items
(5) Medications

(1) Broken makeup/Makeup Accessories
(2) Toys
(3) Batteries
(4) Remotes
(5) Accessories
(6) Jewelry (That Can't Be Fixed)

Here is a tip (Once you start getting rid of the expired stuff and broken stuff you will have a nicer area to work in and live in so you will want to declutter more items.)

When decluttering the bedroom its always a good idea to have a laundry basket nearby so you can sort the clothing.

take the clothing you wish to keep and was it by putting it in the basket. Next clothing you no longer need that is still good try to see if anyone can use it sister brother whichever. And then clothing that no one wants donate those pieces.

Once done in your room do children's clothing as well and also husbands clothing as well.

Go room by room with eh clothing decluttering.

Now you have the expired things gone as well as the broken things and the outgrown clothing or clothing that is just no longer any good gone from the house.

Now you have a lot more room and things are looking and feeling better.

Now to save some time and money.

Now with the clothing gone there is less mess and less to wash.

("Nope this does not fit me "So I will just throw it on the floor and find something else to wear." Well, you dig and dig and then have of your dress or closet was going on the floor and being rewashed.")

now with the clothing gone there less to wash which saves time and money.

Now for the broken toys. Take the current toys and sort into boxes or bins and see if they're still playing with if not sell in a garage sale or by the box on or on facebook local groups buy/sell/trade for your area.

Take boxes of toy cars or legos and sell by the box and let the kids buy new toys with the money.

But let them buy a bigger item. A remote control car or a video game. Something with fewer pieces so there is less mess to pick up later.

Keep bins or shelves for things they wish to keep. To help keep things organized and more together. The more organized things are they easier it is to find them and to also put them away.

Keep bins or extra dress for toys along one wall to keep things easier for little kids to reach and put there own stuff away.

(1) Removing expired foods and always check box for sticky "Coupons" On the box. And make sure coupons are not expired.

(2) If buying bins from dollar tree or dollar stores where items are $1.00 or less. Do not over pack bins.

(3) If using bins or boxes or trays. label them to help keep them organized.

*If you are looking for some free cute children toy labels check out

Of course, there are other ones online as well. But this was just something I found with a quick image search.

(4) Pay attention to your children's toys. Once something is broken dispose of it. Otherwise, it just takes up unneeded space.

(5) Have your children clean out their pockets daily and put change in a small jar and have them save there own change. After all, even a few cents a day can add up to a new (USED) video game very quickly.

(6) One hand washes the other. "Have a shore sheet with the children's chores written on them. And explain to them what you want to be done. And what their reward will be. If chore cannot be completed by a specific time. Do a double up. Tell them you have 15 minutes to spare. 5 for each child. And you will help the children with 1 chore each for up to 5 minutes each. But if you do this they will help you later on. Pick something from your chores you do and have them help you as a group do your chores.

By working as a group you can get your bigger chores done with a little extra help.

(7) Check for free furniture such as bookcases, entertainment centers, and storage furniture and plan it out before you get it.

("Bookcases cans store book, Toys, Video Games, Board Games, Bins to sort toys and even dress up pieces." ) ,(" Entertainment centers can be used for the same things as well. It all depends on the sizes and what you want to do with these pieces.")

you can even use old dressers to organize toys and such as well.

There are so many things you can use for organizing your stuff but when you organize your stuff you can better organize your time which can save you time and money in a long run.


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