How To Organize The Newest 2018 Version Of Yahoo! Mail

"Today Is The Day. To Organize And Customize Your Yahoo! Mail!"

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There is always something new going on with the internet whether it being Yahoo! Mail updating and messing with things. Or it could be on other sites or even social media sites as well.

The thing is the more time passes the more things change.

So I'm trying to change a few things myself.

I'm going to change the way things are organized on my Yahoo! Mail Accounts.

With 1 account I will be having it for incoming shopping emails only. And the second one for actual emails from people and not stores.

So I will have (3) accounts in total (2) Yahoo! Mail Accounts and (1) Gmail account for my blog and YouTube! account.

So here we go with organizing the shopping Email account.

Step (1) Make sure you're signed in to the correct account and then find the first email that you wish to delete.

For me, that would be "Slotomania" which is a casino app for your phone. I want to delete it from here. So what I will be doing is this.

First I open the email and then scroll down to the bottom of the email and find "Unsubscribe".

"Once you have found "Unsubscribe" you will want to click that link and fill in the information to stop getting emails from them to this account. Some sites will let you change the E-mail address where they send the E-mails. And other will just let you "Unsubscribe"."

Once you have "Unsubscribed" there is one other thing you can do to stop from getting there incoming E-mails and to delete all of there older E-mails all at once.

The next thing to do is to stay on the currently opened E-mail and follow these tips.

Once you have clicked on the (3 ...) you will see "Block Sender" and then once you click there a box will pop up.

The pop up box will look like this one in the image. But you have to be running the most current version of Yahoo! Mail.

So this is how you will "Unsubscribe", "Block A Sender" and "Remove All Older E-mails For Sender".


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