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10 August 2018

Big Ant Car Trunk Organizer - Review

A few weeks ago I had received a Red and Black trunk organizer from an influencer site called I have had it a few weeks. and so far I have not yet opened it I did decide to open it the other day to see how big the organizer was fully opened.

So far I like how it has handles on both sides. So instead of pulling all the stuff out of the organizer, I can just take the whole thing into the house and then empty it in there.

I also like how tough the material is I also like the simple colors of just the red and black.

It seems like a thick canvas material. Which I really like that means it's not going to rip out just by adding a few shopping bags to the organizer.

The item is made by "Big Ant."

I also like the fact that this trunk organizer is Durable and Collapsible.

This trunk organizer is a win win. For anyone with a truck or even suv. Even maybe a smaller car trunk just to get things out of the way from time to time. and to make it easier to carry things from the vehicle to inside the house or garage.

#Review #BigAnt #Sponsored #Tomoson #TomosonInfluencer #TomosonReviewer
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Facebook Marketing Audible Audiobook : Review

 So (*Disclaimer - I did receive this audiobook for free for my honest opinion.*)

First of all the audiobook is a book to help you with learning how to Market on Facebook. Now when it comes to marketing on facebook you can use things like profiles, pages, group. Or even by using the notes and files section in your groups and on your page.

There are many different ways to get traffic to and from one place to another on Facebook. You can even use Instagram and place a link from your facebook page onto an Instagram post and do the facebook posts with Instagram links. That way you can get traffic for both to each social media account.

There are many tips and ideas from this audiobook.
I'm writing this post for audiobook review. I had received a free audiobook from an influencer site a few weeks ago and am a bit behind schedule for writing this post.

If your a beginner with facebook and want to market your brand or company this audiobook would be great to help you get started.

#Audiobook #FacebookMarketingAudiobook #FacebookMarketing #Tomoson #TomosonInfluencer #TomosonReviews #Sponsored
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09 August 2018

MEIGO Beach Sand Toys (18pcs) : Review and Thoughts

A few weeks ago I had received a set of sand toys in a bucket with a extra carrying bag for the bucket and toys.

I decided to try out this set since there are so many different pieces and shapes in this set.

I really liked the fact that it also came with a extra bag to carry the toys rather then just the sand bucket. It is a nice bucket and all but just not deep enough to carry all the pieces from the set.

I like the main color of the set its not a pink for a girl or a blue for a boy its kind of a none gender color.

Bucket is a light greenish color and most of the pieces are multi colored as well. So the color is more for boy or girl which is nice.

This set has 18pcs which is a nice big set for taking to the beach or for just playing with at home in the sandbox.

I plan to start using this set of toys next summer in the diy sandbox I play to have made or plan to get for my back yard next year.

There are a few little kids in the trailer court where I live and I think this would be some thing great for them to play with outside.

I also plan to have a canvas kind of top over the sandbox for shade for the little ones as well. All I need to do is look up some diy sandboxes on youtube or pinterest. And get some ideas on what I can do or have done.

#Meigo #Review #Sponsored 

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06 August 2018

Neural Network Ebook : Review

This ebook was a fun and interesting read. If your interested in learning more about the human brain this is a good book to start out with.

I enjoyed the book because I was looking for some ideas on how the brain works.

After all the brain controls everything the brain controls the body from the inside and out. From the physical pains you feel to the emotional ones as well.

And by better understanding the brain you can better understand your body.

Neural Networks Ebook - By John Slavid

#Neuralnetwork #Review #Sponsored #Tomoson #TomosonInfluencer #TomosonReview

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