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25 July 2018

Hiking poles by GATEONE : Review Post

Yesterday I received my package with the Hiking Poles.

Here's what happened.

I was sitting on my bed in the master bedroom when my neighbor who is my ex-room mate walks in knocks on the door and tells me there was a package.

I'm like "OKAY" he walks in the bedroom opens the box in front of me and then asked me what it was after trying to figure it out.

I tell him there walking sticks / hiking poles.

I purchased them so that I could have something to kind of try and help my posture while walking a bit.

I figured these may help with that do to there weight and there reflective straps. I figured I could use them in the morning or even the late evening for walks.

I like the color of the poles but I'm also thinking about placing some extra reflective tape on the poles themselves just for a bit of a pop of color and to make them a little more reflective.

So far I'm not seeing any flows in the design of these poles or the plans I have for them ether.

I think this was a great offer to be approved for. I was in need of a little help with the walking and these are going to be great.

#Tomoson #TomosonReview #Review #Gateone #HikingPoles #WalkingPoles #WalkingSticks #Walking #WalkingForWeightLoss #HelpWithOutDoorWalking #Sponsored

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24 July 2018

Glass Spice Jar Set with Airtight Aluminum Lids: Product Review

The other day I had received my 14-PC Glass Spice Jar Set for review.

The Jars are glass and not plastic
The Jar set came with airtight lids
I also like that the Jars are square and not round
Jars have a nice weight and thickness to the glass

I don't like the color of the funnel (But oh well)

No other cons as of yet.

I plan to set these inside a drawer using the 2 types of labels provided by the sender.

I plan to use the black labels for chili recipes and the other labels for other recipes.

I think that will help keep me a bit more organized.

Plus by using a drawer I can have everything right there next to the stove when needed.

top drawer spoons, forks and butter knives and stack knives in second organizer under first organizer. and then larger spoons and tongs and such in second drawer and spices in third drawer. 

I will be organizing the kitchen a bit better once I start cleaning it up and moving things around.

But so far all the spice jars are plastic and they dry out and get clumpy so darn fast I hate that. This was the best option for me to keep from needing to re-buy the same thing over and over again.

#AsaniSpiceJarSet #SpiceJarSet #Asani #Tomoson #TomosonInfluencers #TomosonReviews #Sponsored

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23 July 2018

Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

This is a full face snorkel I received for review. In this video you will see what all came with the snorkel and how to use it.  

#Tomoson #TomosonReviews #TomosonInfluencers #FullFaceSnorkel #AdultFullFaceSnorkelMask #SwimmingAccessories #Sponsored #Review #Reviews

Product Link to full face snorkel mask

Below is a video of a full face snorkel mask that I have received for discounted price for my honest opinion.

What made me want to try the full face snorkel mask was because of my fear of placing my head under the water. I have had a fear of swimming since I was a young girl and I figured this may help me get over the fear of going fully under water.

The idea of a full face mask was just the thing I thought I needed. It was practical and cool at the same time.

When I first opened the snorkel face mask the first thing I thought was how much I liked the unique style of it but would have preferred a different color if it would have been available in my size. I wanted something a little more girly.

One of the things I personally liked about this snorkel was that it was full faced and still not just for kids but also available in adult sizes as well. something I didn't like was the colors available for adult sizes.

I think this snorkel would be great for someone ether just starting out with swimming that has a fear of going with head under the water like me or someone that enjoys swimming with there head under the water. Ether way a good buy.

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