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28 May 2018

OPZC Exercise Loops Bands Set of 5:Review

A few days ago I had received a set of "OPZC Exercise Loops Bands Set of 5" which I found to be a nice addition to my workout band set I did not have any look bands as of yet. So these were a nice addition to my small home gym that I am starting in about a week or so.

I like how thin these bands are they don't take up much space at all plus since they also came in a little black cloth bag that is drawstring it makes it easier to keep them all together.

I also got a longer pink stretch band with the set as well. Which as a nice little addon.

I currently have some round tube band and a few flat bands but these are my first set of loop bands.

I do like how easy these are to organize compared to the tube style bands.

The plan is to hang all of the tube bands on the wall. And to place these loop bands and my flat bands in my pink and black craft tackle style box.

There is a nice big storage compartment in the bottom and there are also a few trays that are on something like hinges.

So far the plan to organize these seams like it will work out pretty well for me.

All in all a good band set.

I like how thin they are and how easy this set is to keep organized and to also keep clean.

Plus the booklet that came with this set was also very helpful with a few good exercise tips and ideas.

#Tomoson #TomosonReview #Review #Sponsored #OPZC #FitnessBands #Fitness #FitnessEquipment #HomeGYM #HomeGym #WorkoutAtHome

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Vallepro Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale: Review

Today I am doing a review for a Bluetooth body weight scale called a "Vallepro Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale" I did get this item for a discounted price for my honest opinion.

So far so good with this scale it connected with my Kyocera hydro cell phone through Bluetooth very quickly.

Plus the weight limit on the scale is also nice 400 LBS.

The digits on the scale are also a nice size.

Plus I like the marks on the glass of the scale also.

So far the only part I have figured out how to program is the body weight part. I have not gotten to the juicy parts yet.

I'm still working on it.

What I liked about this scale is it is easy to setup plus my scale also came with the batteries needed to set it up right out of the box.

Plus it can be used for people up to 400 LBS. And with me being so big it was a no-brainer to get this scale.

Plus I liked that it would even work on my cell phone. I didn't need an expensive for to use it on.

I keep it in my kitchen so that way first thing in the morning I can check my weight.

I will be moving it to my small office in the smaller bedroom once I get it a bit more cleaned up in there.

#Tomoson #Sponsored #Vellepro #SmartBodyWeightScale #Review

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13 May 2018

The Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Cookbook: Easy Meal Plans and Recipes to Eat Well & Keep the Weight Off : Review By Dawn Brockman

I have been a member of a few different Facebook groups for weight loss and obesity. I have even joined a few weight watchers facebook groups. All in all, there are some nice people with some helpful tips and ideas and even some with some recipes. 

 I have even looked around online for some free recipe ebooks. As I was searching a review site I search daily. I noticed this ebook for free review. I was excited to see it because the reasons are for people that have or are looking to get the weight loss surgery. 

 I have been told by my dietitian to consider looking into it I was even told by my doctor about the weight loss seminar in my area at the local clinic. 

So I figured if there is a recipe ebook for some of the recipes I should go ahead and take a peek at the book to see what I can do better before actually needing to do something like the surgery.

 I noticed there were a few nice recipes in this ebook in the desserts and snacks section. That is where I normally have the problem.

Here are the recipes I liked in the desserts section.

No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bites with dark chocolate this looks to be a good one.

Low-carb crustless Cherry Cheesecake I love me some cheesecake and this is a healthier option too.

What I really liked about this cookbook was that the resources section has not just the name of the resource but also their site.

#GastricSleeve #Gastric #Bariatic #Cookbook #Obesity #Obese #ObesityWeightLoss #Ebook #Sponsored #review #Tomoson

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11 May 2018

Free Ebook Review for "Instagram Marketing EBook"

There are more and more people using Instagram lately. And I didn't have a clue to how to use it really so I got this ebook for free to try my hand at Instagram. The book is called "Using Instagram to Skyrocket your Business Rapidly." I decided to start reading it the other day a day after I got it for free. I have been hooked ever since I have not finished reading it yet though I keep going back and forth with the book so that I don't miss anything important.

So far its an interesting read though. I like the "Do You Have the Skills and Resources to Effectively Use Instagram as a Marketing Platform?" I have not gotten to far but am getting there and am learning a lot about how to use Instagram.

 So far I'm about half way through the ebook.

I found this ebook helpful for many reasons.

I have been blogging for awhile now back and forth with different blogs but every time I see a blogger there mostly doing things on instagram now days so I decided to give it a try. and this ebook gave me some great tips on how to start a instgram account.

When I first got the ebook I thought it was going to be a bit hard to fall so I left it alone on my pc for a day just to build up the courage to read the first page. once I started getting into it knowing it wasn't going to be as hard to follow as I thought I figured I should just start reading as much of the ebook as I could and take notes on my laptops notepad.

So far I have gotten pretty interested in the book and have type up a lot of tips and ideas I need to try with my instgram account.

I thought instagram was going to be a bit harder to get all setup and started but so far I'm not doing to bad.

 #Instagram #Sponsored #Tomoson #Review
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