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26 April 2018

Cobiz Travel Cube Organizer Set - Review Written By Dawn Brockman

The other day I had received my cobiz packing travel cubes from their online store for review. I opened the box and didn't mind what I seen. I started to think up ideas of what I could do with the cubes. I thought okay the biggest cube I could use for my bigger shirts from this winter and then I could use the second biggest cube for my cloth backgrounds and backdrops for my upcoming youtube area in my middle bedroom. I will clean out the middle bedroom and move my computer desk in there and put all of the cloth backgrounds in the second largest cube and store the cube in my bottom desk drawer.

I know most of these cubes will fit inside the desk drawers so I will use this one for the backgrounds and then the shelf in the middle bedroom can be used to hold the extra bags. And the biggest bag can be stored in my master bedroom closet full of my favorite shirts.

So far the plan is a good one just haven't taken the first step in filling the bags yet. But will be doing so soon.

 Original Price : $22.99 , Only $16.09 after 30% off ! Time limited ! Buy on Amazon ,Get Code Here :

#Tomoson #Sponsored #Cobiz #Review #StoorageCube #Storage Cube #TravelCubes #Travel Cubes #Organizing Cubes #OrganizingCubes

"3 Storage Cubes"
 These are 2 pictures of the cubes. One image is of 3 cubes and one images is of 1 cube. The 1 cube is the largest cube fully stretched open side to side.
"Biggest Storage Cube"

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02 April 2018

Travel Charger Product Review!

"I had received this at a lower price or for free. for my honest review of the product."

I had received the charger just a few days ago. And here is what I think of it so far.

I like that it is universal and will work pretty much anywhere you go especially if you're a traveler.

I also like that it has multiple charging ports, not just a 1 or 2 port charger but it can actually charge up to 3 or 4 at a time.

I also like the color which is black and white. I also like the fact that the shape helps hold the plug into the wall. If the charger is too light or too heavy it will just fall out of the socket sometimes.

I had just taken 3 pictures with my cellphone of the charger so that you can see the product. But the pictures may not be too good for quality I do apologies.

I have not plugged in the charger yet so I don't know how long it will take for a full charge yet. But when I do give it a go I will be starting with my 2 cellphones and my fire tablet.

I do like the style and the colors. I'm just waiting for my cell phone to die so that I can test out the charger.

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