Fear is a Major Motivation Killer!

I decided to write a post today telling everyone my personal opinions about fear and motivation.

The first thing I think people should know is that fear can kill motivation quicker then some people may think.

when it comes to whispers that can create fear which can overpower motivation.

What I mean by the above statement is that if someone tells you enough times not to do something or you can't do something you end up with nothing.

Example - when I was younger I never learned to swim I was always a bigger kid and overweight plus being on the shorter side it was not easy. So I never got into the larger pools because my grandmother always said: "If you slip into the pool and the water goes over your head you will drown." She never said you could drown it was always a fact that I would drown. And since I was so heavy I would sink like a rock and die.

So I never learned how to swim. I do get in the bigger pools I just don't swim with other people.

I will hold onto the ladder bar or the pipes around the sides of the pool and just float and kick my legs. But I won't let go of the bars in fear of drowning.

My cousin one year tried to pull me from the bar and I yelled I'm getting out. He said sorry and that he would teach me how to hold my breath underwater so I would not drown. But I could not learn since my fear was putting my head even an inch or two under the water.

So when I went to the hotel pool for his little brothers birthday 2 years ago I got in the pool and just stayed near the edges.

Fear is a powerful thing for some people it can even be more powerful than motivation.

Here are a few things I don't do because of fear.
(1) Join a gym (Fear of not being able to do much and being laughed at. Fear of breaking the machines because of my weight. Fear of being the biggest one in the gym and being laughed at.

(2) Swimming (Fear of drowning)

(3) Birds (My aunt Sandy has many birds in her house and they scare the heck out of me. About 2 weeks ago I walked in there and her master bedroom door was open and her bird "Baby" was out and it flew into the living room. I was just inside the front door next to the computer desk "I dropped to my knees and placed my head on the back of my head." My uncle Lonnie sat there and laughed at me once my aunt got the bird back into the bedroom I walk outside. My uncle Lonnie told my aunt Sandy, "it looked like I drop to my knees to pray." I am afraid of there quick movements and flapping wings. Its scares me.

(4) Learning to drive. I was always told not to sit behind the wheel or turn they ignition because if your not careful you can pull the vehicle out of gear and it will roll backward and run someone over. Plus being at my size I'm afraid also of not fitting behind the wheel of a lot of different vehicles.

 (5) Running in public fear of being laughed at.

(6) I have a discomfort of eating in front of people I would not really call it a fear more of a discomfort. I don't eat in front of my family or in the vehicle in front of my family or even go to family meals like Thanksgiving or Christmas or even Birthdays. I just don't because I like to nibble on things so people don't make fun of me. My aunt Sandy is the one that normally makes my plates. She will ask "what I want and she fills my plate and tells me to take it home with me if I don't finish it".

I have a few fears but what I need is some time to figure them all out and get over them. But fear is a powerful thing especially if you have had them for a long time.

Some people figure if your motivated enough that's all you need.

But what if its something so bad it makes you literally run from it like if you're in a pool and would rather jump out and run home. Or what if its like bird and almost makes you cry just by them being out of there cage and in the same room as you.

I understand people love the word lazy and motivation but what if its fear that is stopping you. Not a lot of laziness and a lack of motivation. But fear the kind that makes your heart race and makes you drop to your knees out of FEAR!


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