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Janurary 31st good day for a few deals

Today was my day for Clearance Shopping. I found really good deals at 2 different Walmarts in my area.

I purchased myself a gift set of "Body Fantasies" price was $9.88 Originally. I purchased it for $2.47 a savings of $7.41.
"Body Fantasies Signature 6 Piece Gift Set"
Body Fantasies Gift Set
Image from
Fiber Optic Christmas Tree
Image from

Another really good deal I found was on a 32" green fiber optic Christmas tree. $16.00 Originally I purchased it for $4.00. A savings of $12.00.

"Holiday Time 32-Inch Green Fiber Optic Tree 83 Tips with Continuously Changing Color"

Coin Pop Android App Review

I like to play games on my cellphone but some games I like to play are the simple kind like match 3 or more and are a lot like candy crush and games like gardenscape.

One day as I was playing a scratch game called lucktastic I saw an advertisement for a game called coin pop. I thought it was about matching coins or something like that.  So I clicked on the ad and downloaded it. and as I was opening the app I saw where it showed a few games I think only 3 when I first downloaded the app.

The games that are listed as Township, Coin Master, Bingo Blitz, Slotomania Slots, Words With Friends 2, Cookie Jam, Bingo Bash and then Homescape.

I have all of these downloaded on my phone now and I did delete a few of them but I will be reinstalling them except for coin Master. I don't really enjoy that kind of game much.

While having the app called Coin Pop on my phone since December 14th I have already cashed out (1) $5.00 Amazon gift card and I am getting closer each day to my second one as well.

I did edit the claim code.
Here is an edited picture from my email address showing the confirmation of the gift card.

Pros and cons for this app are listed below.

(1) when downloading a game from this app you start receiving points the moment you start playing the game.
(2) If you have previously played the game on facebook or a different device you can still earn points. (*No matter your level*)
(3) this app will show you how many points you make per game you play. And you don't have to reach a specific level to receive your points.
(4) Great game selection.
(5) The app will notify you of points earned while playing a game.
Example of (5) If I'm growing food on township and app is running in background "Notification" will pop up saying you have earned (# of points from "Township") and you just keep building up points.

(1) Not very many games to select from
(2) Games are not always updated to app daily

If you are interested in downloading this app and receiving 4444 free coins just sign up with the link below.

Thank You!

Kids temporary tattoos by Creative Lily : Unboxing and Review!

The other day I had ordered some temporary tattoos from a tomoson campaign. I got these for a discount for a review.

So far so good I already know what I plan to use these for I plan to use them as small organizing stickers. I plan to put the sports tattoos on some plastic hanging magazine organizers that I need to move around in my master bedroom. So one organizer will get a specific tattoo and then I will go from there using these tattoos to organize my magazines and some of my printed ebooks.

I plan to also use these tattoos for my neighbor's son who is also my second cousin. And he really loves stick-on tattoos.

I know he will really enjoy the sports tattoo designs he can wear them to school even if he wants.

There are a total of 175 tattoos with some sports tattoos and even some cute little monsters.

All in all a fun little collection of tattoos.

These are great for stocking stuffers to Easter egg fillers. Ether way you look at these temporary tattoos these are super cute.

Crenova Food Vacuum Sealer : Review

I have recently received an item for influencing the item is a food vacuum bag sealer with bag material included.

I requested the campaign to use the appliance for food prepping for meals.

I do not currently do any food prepping do to not having the appliances and food storage products needed.

What I like about this appliance is that I really don't need food prep containers since the bag will hold the foods anyways once cooked or even uncooked.

I also like this option more since the seal is tight and with some containers there not all that tight and can't be turned on their sides to well.

I already have received many digital cookbooks from Amazon and also physical cookbooks from my local goodwills for great recipes to try out with this food sealer.

I plan to use this to prep healthier meals while working on my weight loss plan.

I also saw on Amazon there are things like containers for more liquid-based foods like chip dips and salsa that can seal with this appliance for storing in tighter containers for later use.

you could even use this for making batters that you can freeze for later use for cookies and dough's even.

#Crenova #CrenovaFoodSealer #CrenovaVacuumfoodSealer #Sponsored #Tomoson #TomosonReview #CrenovaFoodSealerReview

Linkedin Marketing Ebook - Review

I personally am not a "Linkedin" user I have heard of it many times in the past but never really knew much about it so I decided to download this ebook titled "Linkedin Marketing". I figured if I downloaded this ebook it would show me how to get started and also how to properly set up my account so I can get out there more.

This ebook will be a great advantage for me since I don't have very many youtube or blog followers.

I really hope to be able to use LinkedIn to help grow my social media accounts and profiles.

There are many people online that already take advantage of such ebooks and site to grow their accounts.

I this ebook there are tips and ideas on how to use the "LinkedIn" site.

#linkedin #Tomoson #Sponsored #TomosonReview #TomosonInfluencer

Miskos Eyeshadow Palette Review

Today I created a short cosmetic video for my "Miskos Eye Shadow Palette" that I just received last week in the mail. When I first opened them up I fell in love with the color selection due to the fact that these colors are nude colors.

These are really pretty colors some of these colors have shimmery glitter like shine to them.

I really enjoy the color selection of these (2) palettes there are (12) colors on each palette.

I read online in the description of these eyeshadows that they can also be applied wet and that there great for blending as well.

I just can't wait until I give these a try.

(1) Each piece has both matte and glitter palette "Very pretty glitter colors"
(2) Easily blendable eye shadows that can be applied wet or dry for many different looks "I have never worn wet eyeshadow before or even applied it before this will be fun."

No cons as of yet.

There are a few youtubers I have been looking into recently for makeup tips and ideas. There are several different youtubers online that have very interesting tips for applying makeup and nail polish. They help with beginners to more advanced cosmetic.

#Tomoson #TomosonReview #Sponsored #miskosCosmetics #Miskos #MiskosCosmetics  

Zero Cost Facebook Marketing eBook : Review

The other day I had downloaded an ebook for review and it is a facebook marketing ebook.   This ebook will tell you step by step on how to use Facebook to help market your website or blog. And also how to start a facebook group or how to use already made facebook groups to share your content online using Facebook groups.

Personally, I enjoy using facebook groups for many different things from connecting with people that are looking to lose weight to dollar tree crafters.

I have been using Facebook groups for a long while now and I have joined many facebook groups some I use for posting reviews to that I had created and some I use just to connect with other facebook group members.

The thing about facebook groups is there are many different things you can find in the group's section. Such as anime cosplay groups or even weight watchers groups even local area weight watcher groups or even just local book club groups it all depends on what you are looking for.

I have several groups I will need to be removing myself from since there are some that have practically closed where there are not that many posters anymore.

I will be removing myself from some later on today and signing up for a few new ones and editing my notifications section on facebook so I can keep up with the new posts for the Facebook groups that I wish to follow more closely.

In this ebook you will learn how to use groups and Facebook ads and pages and so much more. Which all will help you advertise your blog or website or even something like your youtube channel.

I hope this ebook helps you with using Facebook more for your business.

Zero Cost Facebook Marketing eBook

#Tomoson #TomosonReview #sponsored #EbookReview #Ebook #Marketing #MarketingEbook Review

Spare Bedroom Decluttering & Organizing

Things I found in my spare bedroom while looking for a heavy pair of sweatpants. I thought I had a pair of sweatpants in my spare bedroom that I put in there when I was moving things around in my master bedroom. And no luck I could not find a single pair.

But I did manage to find a few random things laying around in there that I forgot I even hand. I think I just put them straight in there when I bought the stuff. Since I did have my desktop computer in there for a while.

I found a toolbox organizer kind of thing it's mostly yellow in color and it has a black top with a black handle and a clear piece of plastic on the front that keeps the organizers in place. The top is an organizer area and then there are four organizer trays that pull out of the front of it as well.

The plan for this organizer is to remove the black opening top and also remove the front clear piece and pull out the drawers and spray paint the yellow part a different color. Maybe a watermelon pink or even a mint kind of color. Or even a straight white would look good.

The organizer I bought from jcpenny a while ago and I don't think they sell them anymore. It was on clearance for under $20.00. I can't remember the exact amount.

I found this image online. The organizer kind of looks like this but a little different. The button on the front of this one is yellow and mine is black. And this has the pinch kind of hooks on the front mine has (2) pop buttons that pop open and closed. And there both black also. And the little organizers inside have little black buttons mine have clear.

Other then that its the same.

I also found a few other things just laying around in there.

I found a bag of clothing I had purchased brand new in the late spring of this year from Walmart the items are all from a clearance rack if I remember correctly.

The first thing I pulled out of the bag is a dress shirt made by Time And Tru color is (Red Rum) size is XL-16/18 full price was $18.48 clearance price was $3.00 a savings of $15.48.

Next pull from the bag is a pair of pants Just My Size Classic Fit Stretch Pants size is 3X-22W/24W full price was $16.00 clearance price was $3.00 a savings of $13.00.

The third and final pull from the Walmart bag was a second pair of pants made by George there pull on women's plus 3X-22W/24W full price was $17.94 clearance price was $3.00 a savings of $14.94.

A total in full price for the (3) items would have been $52.42 I paid $9.00 for the 3 items a total savings of $43.42. Which was a great deal I do know I have some other pieces from that day also sitting in the middle bedroom/spare bedroom. I will be going through the stuff more tomorrow.

I even found a few dollar tree items just laying round in there as well.

I will list the things I found and how I plan to store and organize each thing tomorrow. I will even place more clearance priced items the size and colors and prices.

Todays Walmart Clothing Clearance Finds

Walmart clearance finds and hauls. Once or twice a month I like to explore the local Walmarts clearance sections. The actual clearance section and also the other clearance section where there is nothing but clothing.

With being a bigger sized woman it is hard to find comfortable clothing. I normally try to find 3x or bigger. Depending on the name brand of the clothing.

I try to find things that are at least half off.

Just a few hours ago I was at the local Walmart shopping and I found a few good pieces of clothing that were in my size.

Below is a list of the items I found for clothing and the prices and sizes as well.

I found a pair of shorts in color (Blue) size (Plus- 24W/26W) brand name (Terra & Sky) full price was ($9.94) clearance price was ($3.00) a savings of ($6.94).

Next piece was a tank top color (Gray with text) (Text says Birthplace: Earth, Race: Human, Politics: Freedom, Religion: Love.) Size (2X-18W/20W) brand name (Secret Treasures Sleepwear) full price was ($4.88) clearance price was ($3.00) total savings ($1.88)

"Not much of a discount but it was kind of cute and the size runs a little small. But its sleepwear so I'm okay with the size."

The third piece was a swimsuit bottom for women. Color (Black) size (2X-20W/22W) (High Leg Style-High Waist) brand name (Time And Tru) full price was ($16.48) Clearance price was ($3.00) A savings of ($13.48).

The fourth and final clothing piece from Walmart today was another piece by (Secret Treasures Sleepwear) Color (Black) size (XL-16/18) full price was ($7.88) clearance price was ($3.00) a saving of ($4.88)

Today's clearance clothing piece total was (4) total price before savings was ($39.18) Total spent was ($12.00) total saved was ($27.18) this was a really good day for a few random pieces.

The thing is I didn't need the clothing but finding cheap comfortable sleepwear in my size is hard to do. I don't mind a more snug fit if I am the only one seeing it. Especial if its sleepwear.

PRAVETTE Mini Portable Projector : Tomoson Review

A few weeks ago I had received a mini projector in the mail to influence.

Well, I guess I should tell you the honest truth. I didn't really use it much yet.

My and my cousin Caitlin was going to watch a movie on it with my cousin Lonnie the 3rd but could not get it set up correctly outside that night. So we had to move the projector inside and use the projector on the wall.

We watched about half of the movie "Night At The Museum." part (1) but we stopped because I was getting a stiff neck looking at the wall and the ceiling.

You see the reason why we did not get it set up properly was that it was my first time trying to set something like this up.

We first had it sitting on a chair near the window shining outside on the porch but it was too bright outside to watch it out there.

So we moved the projector to the countertop to play the movie from there. Everything seemed to work great until we started playing the movie it was too high so the movie was playing on the wall and the ceiling.

So after all was said and done I have decided to tinker with the location of the screen and the projector so that the next time we use it I can play a full movie without getting a neck ache.

The project is really nice it came with a remote control and I can even connect it to my cell phone and there is even a built-in speaker.

All set up this is a nice little lightweight setup for a projector.

Small in size and weight but has many ways to be connected.

I have connected this to my windows 8.1 stream laptop by using the built in HDMI port from the side of the computer. It was very simple to set up and use. All I had to do was hit the menu button and set it as HDMI and copy the screen of my laptop to the projector screen. It was simple and easy to use but I still need to get the screen set up completely and get the projector balanced as well.

Link to projector on

#Review #Sponsored #Tomoson #Influencer #PRAVETTE #Projector #MiniProjector


How To Organize The Newest 2018 Version Of Yahoo! Mail

"Today Is The Day. To Organize And Customize Your Yahoo! Mail!"

"Image from"

There is always something new going on with the internet whether it being Yahoo! Mail updating and messing with things. Or it could be on other sites or even social media sites as well.

The thing is the more time passes the more things change.

So I'm trying to change a few things myself.

I'm going to change the way things are organized on my Yahoo! Mail Accounts.

With 1 account I will be having it for incoming shopping emails only. And the second one for actual emails from people and not stores.

So I will have (3) accounts in total (2) Yahoo! Mail Accounts and (1) Gmail account for my blog and YouTube! account.

So here we go with organizing the shopping Email account.

Step (1) Make sure you're signed in to the correct account and then find the first email that you wish to delete.

For me, that would be "Slotomania" which is a casino app for your phone. I want to delete it from here. So what I will be doing is this.

First I open the email and then scroll down to the bottom of the email and find "Unsubscribe".

"Once you have found "Unsubscribe" you will want to click that link and fill in the information to stop getting emails from them to this account. Some sites will let you change the E-mail address where they send the E-mails. And other will just let you "Unsubscribe"."

Once you have "Unsubscribed" there is one other thing you can do to stop from getting there incoming E-mails and to delete all of there older E-mails all at once.

The next thing to do is to stay on the currently opened E-mail and follow these tips.

Once you have clicked on the (3 ...) you will see "Block Sender" and then once you click there a box will pop up.

The pop up box will look like this one in the image. But you have to be running the most current version of Yahoo! Mail.

So this is how you will "Unsubscribe", "Block A Sender" and "Remove All Older E-mails For Sender".

Organizing And Storing Extra School Supplies And Office Supplies: Tips And Ideas

When it comes to back to school there is always a lot of back to school shopping. And the thing a lot of people do is shop in bulk when things are lower in price. So that way they don't have to buy full price later in the year. Plus another thing people like to do is buy during back to school shopping for there offices or home offices.

But the one big drawback to buying discount bulk items from your local Wal-Mart or dollar tree is when you buy in bulk you have multiple items you need to store.

When your storing items for school supplies or office supplies you want to store them in a way that it is easy to find what you need when you need it.

But the hard thing is making sure you have the one everyone wants. Especially if there back to school items.

If it's not the coolest mermaid item or unicorn item the kids don't want it.

So why not try crafting your own cool school supplies. But then if you do that you need to find storage space for even more items.

The trick here is to have different shopping tips and tricks that will come in handy.

Here are a few shopping tips and trick below.

(1) When shopping for school supplies try looking at the local second-hand shops for plain Jane bag packs or bags.

(2) When at the second-hand shopping try finding cheap but sturdy storage bins with and without lids to store extra school supplies in.

(3) Also, try looking on local buy sell and trade groups on Facebook for things like bookcases or carts on wheels. And use them to store extra school supplies. And make an area for specific things.

(4) Search online at for free items or cheap items. Such as small older styled entertainment centers or microwave carts. And use them also to store extra school supplies in the drawers or behind the doors. Or even on top in baskets or bins.

(5) Go to your local dollar tree or store where everything is just $1.00 or under. And find things you can store extra craft supplies into for decorating school bags or crayon cases or pencil cases and so forth. Or find a cheap one at the store.

(6) Cheap track or colors of the week at local second-hand shops and goodwills.

(7) Follow local stores on Facebook and find DIY school organizing tips on youtube as well as DIY school supplies videos as well.

(8) There are also facebook groups where you can join them and get tips on how to craft with dollar tree items and you can even ask about how to store extra office supplies or school supplies. Or how to decorate school supplies and binders and so forth.

When it comes to saving money children don't really care nowadays. Its all about having the best and newest iPhone or tablet or smartwatch.

They don't know how hard it is to buy 4 or 5 $10 dollar binders just because of there unicorn or sequin designs. It is not always about how nice the item it is about how well they take care of the items and how well they use them. you can't always get what you want when it comes to back to school shopping after all this one binder may not even last them 3 months let alone the whole school year.

So make your point known you get it if you pay for it. Otherwise, you get what you need and not what you want.

Buy them some stickers and let them decorate the notebooks or binders the way they want. Cheaper and simpler.

There are many different youtubers out there that can help you with organizing your school supplies and everyday life. Here is a channel I watch often ClutterBug.

YouTube Account History And Subscriber Organizing And Decluttering: Tips And Tricks

When it comes to youtube there are many things people do and don't do. A lot of people will subscribe to channels. Channels are locations where people can store there videos and information for the viewers. Some people name there channels something catchy and others don't even have names for there channels yet.

But here is the problem some people have they subscribe and don't keep up with the video updates.

Personally, I have a youtube account that currently says "(44) YouTube. Which means there are (44) update or notifications I have not read or seen as of yet".

So here are a few tips for using youtube to its fullest.


(1) Register for a youtube account. "The reason for registering is not just so you can upload videos but also so you can subscribe and follow your favorite uploaders."

(2) Subscribe to channels and keep track of the channels by viewing your list of channels you are subscribed to.

(3) Hit the bell notifier so you can keep updated with new and most recent uploads.

(4) When you see a (#) on your browser tab when is opened in a tab. Click on the top right corners bell icon to check for the most recent updates or uploads.

(5) Tinker with your youtube homepage often. Make it your own after all if it is your account make it more easy to find what you need or want.

Here are a few other tips and ideas.

Tip: There is a way to find your watch history and search history on youtube if you have a youtube account.

Here is how to find your youtube watch and search history.

1. When signed in look to the left-hand side and click the 3 lined icon to make sure you can see the word "History" once you can see the words then just click here and then you will see "Watched History" and on the right-hand side, you can select other history options. Options are "Watch History, Search History, Comments, Community and Live Chat."

2. You can also remove things from your history. One by one or all at once. I like to remove some stuff one by one. The reason why is because I may watch one or two videos based on a specific thing and then don't like the person in the video or the topic of the video but yet it will keep displaying the same topic.

Example of search I have removed today. "Water Balloon Tricks, Fidget Spinner Tricks, Swimming Pool Tricks and a few more.

By removing things from the search history and watch history it will help remove some of the right-hand side preview videos.

I had watched a few supernanny videos like 4 or 5 and now they're showing up all the time. And I'm not really into. So by removing them from the search history and watch history there not showing up anymore. And things that I am interested in are showing up a lot more.

I have just deleted all of my search histories and watch history.

I just went through my subscriber's list and removed about 30 or so that I was subscribed to.

And the next thing I will be doing is changing the notifications area. And I will be limiting the channels that I am subscribed to that can notify me.

Breaking Benjamin, Casting Crowns, ClutterBug, Do It On A Dime, FunFoods, Funimation, Gorden Ramsay, Hobby Lobby, JapaneseCooking101, LeeandLie, Linkin Park, Loonie Wood, Michaels Store, Netflix,, Tasty, The Deal Guy, Think Media and Timmy timato.

Now I'm done tinkering with my youtube account settings and home page.

Big Ant Car Trunk Organizer - Review

A few weeks ago I had received a Red and Black trunk organizer from an influencer site called I have had it a few weeks. and so far I have not yet opened it I did decide to open it the other day to see how big the organizer was fully opened.

So far I like how it has handles on both sides. So instead of pulling all the stuff out of the organizer, I can just take the whole thing into the house and then empty it in there.

I also like how tough the material is I also like the simple colors of just the red and black.

It seems like a thick canvas material. Which I really like that means it's not going to rip out just by adding a few shopping bags to the organizer.

The item is made by "Big Ant."

I also like the fact that this trunk organizer is Durable and Collapsible.

This trunk organizer is a win win. For anyone with a truck or even suv. Even maybe a smaller car trunk just to get things out of the way from time to time. and to make it easier to carry things from the vehicle to inside the house or garage.

#Review #BigAnt #Sponsored #Tomoson #TomosonInfluencer #TomosonReviewer

Facebook Marketing Audible Audiobook : Review

 So (*Disclaimer - I did receive this audiobook for free for my honest opinion.*)

First of all the audiobook is a book to help you with learning how to Market on Facebook. Now when it comes to marketing on facebook you can use things like profiles, pages, group. Or even by using the notes and files section in your groups and on your page.

There are many different ways to get traffic to and from one place to another on Facebook. You can even use Instagram and place a link from your facebook page onto an Instagram post and do the facebook posts with Instagram links. That way you can get traffic for both to each social media account.

There are many tips and ideas from this audiobook.
I'm writing this post for audiobook review. I had received a free audiobook from an influencer site a few weeks ago and am a bit behind schedule for writing this post.

If your a beginner with facebook and want to market your brand or company this audiobook would be great to help you get started.

#Audiobook #FacebookMarketingAudiobook #FacebookMarketing #Tomoson #TomosonInfluencer #TomosonReviews #Sponsored

MEIGO Beach Sand Toys (18pcs) : Review and Thoughts

A few weeks ago I had received a set of sand toys in a bucket with a extra carrying bag for the bucket and toys.

I decided to try out this set since there are so many different pieces and shapes in this set.

I really liked the fact that it also came with a extra bag to carry the toys rather then just the sand bucket. It is a nice bucket and all but just not deep enough to carry all the pieces from the set.

I like the main color of the set its not a pink for a girl or a blue for a boy its kind of a none gender color.

Bucket is a light greenish color and most of the pieces are multi colored as well. So the color is more for boy or girl which is nice.

This set has 18pcs which is a nice big set for taking to the beach or for just playing with at home in the sandbox.

I plan to start using this set of toys next summer in the diy sandbox I play to have made or plan to get for my back yard next year.

There are a few little kids in the trailer court where I live and I think this would be some thing great for them to play with outside.

I also plan to have a canvas kind of top over the sandbox for shade for the little ones as well. All I need to do is look up some diy sandboxes on youtube or pinterest. And get some ideas on what I can do or have done.

#Meigo #Review #Sponsored 

Neural Network Ebook : Review

This ebook was a fun and interesting read. If your interested in learning more about the human brain this is a good book to start out with.

I enjoyed the book because I was looking for some ideas on how the brain works.

After all the brain controls everything the brain controls the body from the inside and out. From the physical pains you feel to the emotional ones as well.

And by better understanding the brain you can better understand your body.

Neural Networks Ebook - By John Slavid

#Neuralnetwork #Review #Sponsored #Tomoson #TomosonInfluencer #TomosonReview

Hiking poles by GATEONE : Review Post

Yesterday I received my package with the Hiking Poles.

Here's what happened.

I was sitting on my bed in the master bedroom when my neighbor who is my ex-room mate walks in knocks on the door and tells me there was a package.

I'm like "OKAY" he walks in the bedroom opens the box in front of me and then asked me what it was after trying to figure it out.

I tell him there walking sticks / hiking poles.

I purchased them so that I could have something to kind of try and help my posture while walking a bit.

I figured these may help with that do to there weight and there reflective straps. I figured I could use them in the morning or even the late evening for walks.

I like the color of the poles but I'm also thinking about placing some extra reflective tape on the poles themselves just for a bit of a pop of color and to make them a little more reflective.

So far I'm not seeing any flows in the design of these poles or the plans I have for them ether.

I think this was a great offer to be approved for. I was in need of a little help with the walking and these are going to be great.

#Tomoson #TomosonReview #Review #Gateone #HikingPoles #WalkingPoles #WalkingSticks #Walking #WalkingForWeightLoss #HelpWithOutDoorWalking #Sponsored

Glass Spice Jar Set with Airtight Aluminum Lids: Product Review

The other day I had received my 14-PC Glass Spice Jar Set for review.

The Jars are glass and not plastic
The Jar set came with airtight lids
I also like that the Jars are square and not round
Jars have a nice weight and thickness to the glass

I don't like the color of the funnel (But oh well)

No other cons as of yet.

I plan to set these inside a drawer using the 2 types of labels provided by the sender.

I plan to use the black labels for chili recipes and the other labels for other recipes.

I think that will help keep me a bit more organized.

Plus by using a drawer I can have everything right there next to the stove when needed.

top drawer spoons, forks and butter knives and stack knives in second organizer under first organizer. and then larger spoons and tongs and such in second drawer and spices in third drawer. 

I will be organizing the kitchen a bit better once I start cleaning it up and moving things around.

But so far all the spice jars are plastic and they dry out and get clumpy so darn fast I hate that. This was the best option for me to keep from needing to re-buy the same thing over and over again.

#AsaniSpiceJarSet #SpiceJarSet #Asani #Tomoson #TomosonInfluencers #TomosonReviews #Sponsored

Full Face Snorkel Mask Review

This is a full face snorkel I received for review. In this video you will see what all came with the snorkel and how to use it.  

#Tomoson #TomosonReviews #TomosonInfluencers #FullFaceSnorkel #AdultFullFaceSnorkelMask #SwimmingAccessories #Sponsored #Review #Reviews

Product Link to full face snorkel mask

Below is a video of a full face snorkel mask that I have received for discounted price for my honest opinion.

What made me want to try the full face snorkel mask was because of my fear of placing my head under the water. I have had a fear of swimming since I was a young girl and I figured this may help me get over the fear of going fully under water.

The idea of a full face mask was just the thing I thought I needed. It was practical and cool at the same time.

When I first opened the snorkel face mask the first thing I thought was how much I liked the unique style of it but would have preferred a different color if it would have been available in my size. I wanted something a little more girly.

One of the things I personally liked about this snorkel was that it was full faced and still not just for kids but also available in adult sizes as well. something I didn't like was the colors available for adult sizes.

I think this snorkel would be great for someone ether just starting out with swimming that has a fear of going with head under the water like me or someone that enjoys swimming with there head under the water. Ether way a good buy.

OPZC Exercise Loops Bands Set of 5:Review

A few days ago I had received a set of "OPZC Exercise Loops Bands Set of 5" which I found to be a nice addition to my workout band set I did not have any look bands as of yet. So these were a nice addition to my small home gym that I am starting in about a week or so.

I like how thin these bands are they don't take up much space at all plus since they also came in a little black cloth bag that is drawstring it makes it easier to keep them all together.

I also got a longer pink stretch band with the set as well. Which as a nice little addon.

I currently have some round tube band and a few flat bands but these are my first set of loop bands.

I do like how easy these are to organize compared to the tube style bands.

The plan is to hang all of the tube bands on the wall. And to place these loop bands and my flat bands in my pink and black craft tackle style box.

There is a nice big storage compartment in the bottom and there are also a few trays that are on something like hinges.

So far the plan to organize these seams like it will work out pretty well for me.

All in all a good band set.

I like how thin they are and how easy this set is to keep organized and to also keep clean.

Plus the booklet that came with this set was also very helpful with a few good exercise tips and ideas.

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Vallepro Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale: Review

Today I am doing a review for a Bluetooth body weight scale called a "Vallepro Bluetooth Smart Body Fat Scale" I did get this item for a discounted price for my honest opinion.

So far so good with this scale it connected with my Kyocera hydro cell phone through Bluetooth very quickly.

Plus the weight limit on the scale is also nice 400 LBS.

The digits on the scale are also a nice size.

Plus I like the marks on the glass of the scale also.

So far the only part I have figured out how to program is the body weight part. I have not gotten to the juicy parts yet.

I'm still working on it.

What I liked about this scale is it is easy to setup plus my scale also came with the batteries needed to set it up right out of the box.

Plus it can be used for people up to 400 LBS. And with me being so big it was a no-brainer to get this scale.

Plus I liked that it would even work on my cell phone. I didn't need an expensive for to use it on.

I keep it in my kitchen so that way first thing in the morning I can check my weight.

I will be moving it to my small office in the smaller bedroom once I get it a bit more cleaned up in there.

#Tomoson #Sponsored #Vellepro #SmartBodyWeightScale #Review

The Gastric Sleeve Bariatric Cookbook: Easy Meal Plans and Recipes to Eat Well & Keep the Weight Off : Review By Dawn Brockman

I have been a member of a few different Facebook groups for weight loss and obesity. I have even joined a few weight watchers facebook groups. All in all, there are some nice people with some helpful tips and ideas and even some with some recipes. 

 I have even looked around online for some free recipe ebooks. As I was searching a review site I search daily. I noticed this ebook for free review. I was excited to see it because the reasons are for people that have or are looking to get the weight loss surgery. 

 I have been told by my dietitian to consider looking into it I was even told by my doctor about the weight loss seminar in my area at the local clinic. 

So I figured if there is a recipe ebook for some of the recipes I should go ahead and take a peek at the book to see what I can do better before actually needing to do something like the surgery.

 I noticed there were a few nice recipes in this ebook in the desserts and snacks section. That is where I normally have the problem.

Here are the recipes I liked in the desserts section.

No Bake Peanut Butter Protein Bites with dark chocolate this looks to be a good one.

Low-carb crustless Cherry Cheesecake I love me some cheesecake and this is a healthier option too.

What I really liked about this cookbook was that the resources section has not just the name of the resource but also their site.

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Free Ebook Review for "Instagram Marketing EBook"

There are more and more people using Instagram lately. And I didn't have a clue to how to use it really so I got this ebook for free to try my hand at Instagram. The book is called "Using Instagram to Skyrocket your Business Rapidly." I decided to start reading it the other day a day after I got it for free. I have been hooked ever since I have not finished reading it yet though I keep going back and forth with the book so that I don't miss anything important.

So far its an interesting read though. I like the "Do You Have the Skills and Resources to Effectively Use Instagram as a Marketing Platform?" I have not gotten to far but am getting there and am learning a lot about how to use Instagram.

 So far I'm about half way through the ebook.

I found this ebook helpful for many reasons.

I have been blogging for awhile now back and forth with different blogs but every time I see a blogger there mostly doing things on instagram now days so I decided to give it a try. and this ebook gave me some great tips on how to start a instgram account.

When I first got the ebook I thought it was going to be a bit hard to fall so I left it alone on my pc for a day just to build up the courage to read the first page. once I started getting into it knowing it wasn't going to be as hard to follow as I thought I figured I should just start reading as much of the ebook as I could and take notes on my laptops notepad.

So far I have gotten pretty interested in the book and have type up a lot of tips and ideas I need to try with my instgram account.

I thought instagram was going to be a bit harder to get all setup and started but so far I'm not doing to bad.

 #Instagram #Sponsored #Tomoson #Review

Cobiz Travel Cube Organizer Set - Review Written By Dawn Brockman

The other day I had received my cobiz packing travel cubes from their online store for review. I opened the box and didn't mind what I seen. I started to think up ideas of what I could do with the cubes. I thought okay the biggest cube I could use for my bigger shirts from this winter and then I could use the second biggest cube for my cloth backgrounds and backdrops for my upcoming youtube area in my middle bedroom. I will clean out the middle bedroom and move my computer desk in there and put all of the cloth backgrounds in the second largest cube and store the cube in my bottom desk drawer.

I know most of these cubes will fit inside the desk drawers so I will use this one for the backgrounds and then the shelf in the middle bedroom can be used to hold the extra bags. And the biggest bag can be stored in my master bedroom closet full of my favorite shirts.

So far the plan is a good one just haven't taken the first step in filling the bags yet. But will be doing so soon.

 Original Price : $22.99 , Only $16.09 after 30% off ! Time limited ! Buy on Amazon ,Get Code Here :

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"3 Storage Cubes"
 These are 2 pictures of the cubes. One image is of 3 cubes and one images is of 1 cube. The 1 cube is the largest cube fully stretched open side to side.
"Biggest Storage Cube"

Travel Charger Product Review!

"I had received this at a lower price or for free. for my honest review of the product."

I had received the charger just a few days ago. And here is what I think of it so far.

I like that it is universal and will work pretty much anywhere you go especially if you're a traveler.

I also like that it has multiple charging ports, not just a 1 or 2 port charger but it can actually charge up to 3 or 4 at a time.

I also like the color which is black and white. I also like the fact that the shape helps hold the plug into the wall. If the charger is too light or too heavy it will just fall out of the socket sometimes.

I had just taken 3 pictures with my cellphone of the charger so that you can see the product. But the pictures may not be too good for quality I do apologies.

I have not plugged in the charger yet so I don't know how long it will take for a full charge yet. But when I do give it a go I will be starting with my 2 cellphones and my fire tablet.

I do like the style and the colors. I'm just waiting for my cell phone to die so that I can test out the charger.

Snack Bins or Snack Stations what kind are you?

The big pink bin of DEATH! yes, I know its a messed up name but that's what it is it's a big pink plastic bin but not from the dollar tree but it does look like the dose from the dollar tree but it's about 5 times bigger than the big ones from the dollar tree.

I bought it for half the color tag pink I bought it for $2.50 its a really nice pink color too. I use it to store snack in my current snacks are a bag of pop corners from the local dollar tree and 5 $.98 cent pack of cookies from my local Walmart Super center. There are 3 cookies in each pack. Which are the fresh pack cookies! Plus I also have 2 movie theater milk dud candy boxes and 4 packs of Reese's pieces.

All in all a nice little stockpile.

I buy the cheap snacks under $1.00 and will be adding some more to it with some more pop corners and some cheese its. And a few odds and ends like gummy bears and worms.

Do you have a snack stockpile if somewhere do you stock and what do you pile? Shopping Tips and Tricks

Today I will be giving you all some tips on how to and not to buy online at

Over a week ago I went online to find some plus size pants at I needed a bigger size and I was looking in-store and could not find anything too cute and comfortable for fitness.

Since summer is not here yet I guess it makes sense that the local store does not have too much for fitness apparel especially in plus sizes like 3X.

So I decided to look online to see what I could find.

First thing I tried was looking in the clearance section.

But the only bad thing about looking in the clearance section only is that the clearance section only has items marked as clearance.

And the same for sale items.

So the best thing to do is just to do this.

(1) Sign up for a account.

(2) Look in the clothing section first like this - > Departments > Clothing > Women's Plus and then look around.

(3) - Women's Plus Clothing Section

(4) Now click on (Shop All) that way it includes clearance and fitness and sports bras and so on. That will give you a lot to go through but its worth it.

(5) Do not search by price in the drop-down area I selected from low to high in the price range. (Once you click on "Shop All" you will see there are (25 Pages) you will see in-store purchase only in the first few pages.)

(6) Don't wait around if it's over half off or more and you really want them to buy them right away.

(7) Always go for free shipping if you can. 1. Ship to store for free and save on home shipping price. 2. Spend at least $35.00 to get free shipping.

(8) Try to buy things not available in your local area or store. And buy the basic colors that can go with anything. Example buy black fitness pants or short that can go with pink tank tops or t-shirts. If you go with the basic colors and good styles at a discounted price you won't feel bad if they don't fit because there cheap and simple.

(9) If your store carries the same item you want to buy online and there full price and online there over half off try on in the store and buy online. That way you know it will fit before buying online.

(10) Always buy bigger online than in-store that way you have better odds of it fitting. Plus always scroll to the bottom of the page no matter what the clothing piece is. That way you can always check the sizes.

(11) Always use shopping add-ons for Firefox. and are the 2 I use mostly.

(12) Always check the men's section as well even if there is not a man in your life currently. After all men's lounge pants and sweatpants and T-shirts are still very comfortable.

I hope these tips above help other online shoppers. these tips can also be used on other sites as well though.

Here is what I recently purchased from Date March 12, 2018 Full Price Paid $11.70 for (2) Items.

Women's Plus Active Capri Jogger Paid $4.60 current price $7.87 I saved $3.27 on these pants.

Be Empowered Naturally Women's Plus Yoga Skort Capri Paid $6.50 current price $16.98 I saved $10.48

I saved a total of $13.50 that would have been enough to buy a second pair of each of these pants. And the sizes I got are in 3X the biggest both are available.

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