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I have been sitting here in front of my laptop thinking about what I should be writing today. And as I was sitting here I was thinking about also cleaning up my master bedroom which is where I normally take all of my review and unboxing videos.

As I look around the room thinking about what I want to put where I was remembering all the recent purchases I have made from review and influencer websites.

I normally get approved on some sites more than others but the site where I have gotten the most stuff and the best deals would have to be I have received things like an "Aromatherapy Diffuser" which I just got approved for last night. As well as a "Fitness Tracker Watch", "Tablet Mount Holder", "EL Wire Neon Lights Kit","LED Flame Effect Light Bulb","4 in 1 Immersion Blender (Red in Color)", "Selfie Ring Light With Cellphone Holder","Latex Elf Ears and many more items as well.

I have been working with this site for over 2 years and was one of the very first sites I started using when I started with product reviewing online. I have gotten so many great items from here and I have been enjoying this site for a long while not.

I have saved so much money with using this site I have saved hundreds if not more.

Something that I really like about this site is that when I get approved for something I am notified right away on facebook messenger.

So while I have facebook messenger on my cellphone I can keep up with my approvals. And another thing I like about the site is the requests for the reviews are very simple all you need to do is place a post on a site connected with rank-booster and place 3 simple #Hashtags. And a link to the actual product.

This is a simple site to use and just as simple to post the reviews for each product. And since they're not asking you to leave Amazon feedback or actual amazon reviews it makes it safer for your account.

Here is a list of the top 5 items I have received from at a discounted price on

Reeple Selfie Ring Light Cell Phone Holder Stand > Direct Link  "I purchased this to help with using my cellphone while making youtube videos"

Wand Massager Personal Body Handheld Massager > Direct Link "I purchased this for my lower back because being a plus size women is not easy"

Chianruey Fitness Tracker > Direct Link "I purchased this to help me keep accountable for my steps and exercise"

Aromatherapy Diffuser > Direct Link Aromatherapy Diffuser > Direct Link "I purchased this so that I could stop buying the air freshener cans"

Latex Elf Ears > Direct Link "I purchased this because I have been an anime fan for years. And now I have something for cosplay"

Here are my profiles where I write reviews and post my youtube unboxing and review videos.

Facebook Profile >
Facebook Page >
Twitter Profile >
Instagram Profile >
Youtube Channel > My Youtube Channel
Rank-Booster Profile >

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How To Find Free Downloadable And Mail Order Magazines And Catalogs

When it comes to finding and receiving free items online. It can be very difficult if you don't know where to look or how to fill out the forms.

If your anything like me and likes to get free digital reading material or even mail-order catalogs or magazines then follow along with the tips below.

(1) Downloading firefox and filling in form information can help fill out some online forms very quickly
(2) By adding your middle initial after your first name can also help with finding out if the mail order items came from something you filled out or spam
(3) Having a secondary email address will help with receiving spam as well as special store coupons or holiday sale specials
(4) Keeping a bookmark history of your favorite sites for free mail order catalogs, magazines, and digital downloads will help keep you organized
(5) Watching youtube videos about organizing will also help as well

(6) Once you know how to fill out your forms and have a browser specifically for surveys and freebies the next thing is to find the freebies and the survey sites. I have a list in tip (6).

Step one of part one. Download the latest version of firefox called Firefox Quantum (62.0.2 (32-bit)).

"I'm running the 32-bit on my windows 8.1 laptop."

Once you have the firefox internet browser downloaded and installed the next step is to fill out the address information section.You can do this without the need of a addon.

To find the area where you need to be to ill out the form section all you have to do is look to the left for the menu icon. It looks like 3 little lines. Once there left click on the button and then look for  "Options" once you are in there look to the left and find "Privacy & Security" when selected it will look blue.

Now once your here find "Autofill Address" click on "Saved Address" one there a pop up will open saying "Saved Address" ad the current saved address will be in the box. If there is no current saved address create one. By clicking "Add..."  the fill out the form and click save.

"Here is a tip to help keep track of forms you fill out for free items and for sites.

Create 2 different form auto fillers by using the add button. When the first one asks for your name use your middle name. But in the second one include your middle name initial after your first name.

Mine is like this first name Dawn. In the first form. And like this in the second form. Dawn R. That way when I get free magazines from survey sites I know where there from. Because I only use my middle initial after my first name with magazine and catalogs that I order personally."

I have a few different emails for a few different things. I also use yahoo mail and gmail both. Since there both free and easy to use.

On my firefox I have a few folders in the bookmarks section. I have freebies, Magazines, Ebooks, Coupons. I keep all of my favorite sites organized like this.

There are many good youtube videos that can help keep you organized.

Here are a few I like to use.

Okay on to tip (6). The first thing I will tell you is that swagbuck is a great place to find free offers. You get free items like magazines or ebooks and games to play. And at the same time you build up your points.

Tips for finding freebies on swagbucks. When it comes to using swagbucks you can get points for shopping and filling out surveys. But you can also get freebies and still make points for filling out for those freebies. You can get free points for using there coupons as well as filling out for freebies and here's how to find those freebies.

(1) Sign up for swagbucks next login to the main site and look to the left and find the word "Discover" once you find it click on it and then go through each of the topics to the left called "All Offers and then scroll down and find "Free Offers" and the scroll down and look through all of the sponsored offers. Example "TrialPay" has sections called "Most Popular, Surveys, Free, Free Apps and More." I like the "Free, Free Apps and More." sections. I look in each of these for free offers I some times find free site offers for magazines or digital magazines. And other free offers. Like cooking sites where I can get a few points just for signing up and plus I also get free recipes and coupons. Its a win,win,win.

Plus there are other sites as well like. Free magazine sites.

magazinelib is a great site for free downloadable magazines. From all over the place you can even get special magazines from specific holidays as well. For example there are organizing magazines. If you like realsimple they have special magazines for organizing and decluttering. As well as other magazine and there specials.

next there is a site called Rewardbee on this site all you need to do is fill out a few simple surveys for $30 in points to exchange for physical and digital magazines. And also for coupon codes and discounts on physical items. I have filled out 3 surveys and am waiting on a few mail order magazines to come as well as waiting for the confirmation emails for the digital magazines as well.

There is also a site called freebizmag this site is for people that have businesses. But there is a simple way around that as well. First all you need to do is put your email address in the "Stay Connected" box to the right of the site to stay up to date on the newest magazine offers as well as the special publication magazines as well. Special publication magazines can range from parent's magazine to better homes & gardens and so fourth. I have a few organizing and decluttering special publication ebooks I have received through email from this site.

I had recently received 15 Favorite Cakes & Cupcakes, Storage Solutions: Kids Edition, Real Simple New Uses For Old Thing: Party Edition and Store It With Style. And Many Many More.

to get this ebooks and magazines it very simple you just need to have a business. And you can still get these things even if you don't have a business. I get them all the time and I'm just a simple blogger.

Here's what you need to do.  Just fill out the form as if you have a business. I use retail for all the questions with the words retail. And then I do owner or manager. And when it asks for the business name and type. I just put blogger and then the name of the blog.

Sometimes the magazines come with the name of the blog on them and sometimes they don't.

And I also get the free ebooks by email a few times a week. Plus they also have the ebooks listed sometimes on there facebook page just in case you don't get the email. Just keep up to date with there facebook page and then just open link from there and fill out form and then download from email link.

There is even another site to get free ebooks its called Library Genesis from this site I have downloaded many free cookbooks, decluttering, organizing books to weight loss and obesity books as well. All these books are free to download.

Good luck to you and your new reading haul!!!

Top 5 Amazon Review Sites

There is a routine I have that I do every day when I get out of bed. The first thing I do is check my email to see if I have been approved for any campaigns while I was asleep.

I apply for campaigns from a few different sites and there are even some sites that have options to be approved instantly.

I check a few sites a day to see what new deals are going on and to see if I can apply for the deals.

Below is a list of sites I visit on a daily bases.

(1) Rank-booster

(2) Reviewerclub

(3) Tomoson

(4) Vipon

(5) elitedealclub

There are a few different things about each of these sites.

First, let's start with elitedealsclub with this site you need to be there by a specific time to snag some really good deals. In my area I need to be there by 9:00 A.M. and 1:00 P.M. and 7:00 P.M. to get the really good deals but I normally miss out even though I'm there on time. So I just wait a few minutes and grab whatever is left if there is something that I like or need otherwise I don't buy from there to many times in a month. Maybe like 3 times a month if I'm really lucky.

I have gotten some good stuff from there before but not too much lately.

Next on to reviewerclub now with this site, you need to leave feedback on Amazon but the deals are also instant approval. And there is also a limit to how many deals you can get also. I think you start out with 5 and build your way up. I am currently at 6. You sign up and then you create a profile and you use your Amazon profile link and a facebook link and then you just start looking around for good deals. Once you get approved you get a coupon code and then you purchase from and then once you get your product you need to leave feedback within 2 weeks.

Next, let get to vipon which I have not really used in a while I did get a few really nice things from there but I have not shopped there in about 6 months or so. All you do is sign up and then start looking for good deals it is pretty simple. But they also have really good deals on upcoming coupon codes so watch out for the coupons and deals you never know what you will find.

Okay now onto with this site you need to be approved for everything there is no instant approval. But there are some pricey things you can get for free or really low prices. I have been working with them for a while now as well and have received a few free ebooks and some actual products as well. A mini projector and even a pair of really nice waterproof gloves.

Now last but not least rank-booster with this site you can get things or request items there are both features on this site. And on this site, you can also search from lowest price to highest price as well. Which is what I normally do.

Here are a few tips I like to use when using these kinds of sites.

I use my notepad called OneNote on my windows 10 laptop to keep track of all my URLs for my social media profiles and pages. That way there all right there.

I also like to update my profiles from time to time on some of these sites for example on I like to delete my accounts and then reconnect the account ever 2 or 3 months so that way I know the numbers keep updated for the followers.

I even have 2 accounts online one with ups and USPS so I can track my packages because on they also have the option where someone can send you the item for free so you don't have to purchase on so with these 2 mail carrier sites, I can keep up with what is sent and what is ordered.

Next, I like to follow all of these sites on facebook and twitter so I can keep up with there updates and such.

With rank-booster I have my facebook messenger set up so that whenever I get approved I get an instant notification to my facebook account either on my laptop or on my phone. With rank-booster, you need to confirm the coupon within 48 hours to be able to use it. Plus with doing it this way if your email account marks an email as spam you still don't need to worry about missing out on the deal.

How to Save Time And Money By Organizing And Decluttering What You Already Have!

"To Declutter Means To Remove Or To Dispose Of So How Dose This Save You Money If You Are Throwing Stuff Away. Well If It Is Expired Its No Longer Any good To You. Or If It No Longer Fits Its Just Taking Up Space."   

To declutter mean to remove something from the area where it is. you can declutter a shelf and clutter a box. By removing the things from the shelf and placing them in a box. but then what do you do with the box. Just let it sit there if so why did you declutter the shelf. After all, if the stuff was just sitting on the shelf why did you remove the items from the shelf.

You might have thought hay that shelf looks a bit cluttered so you wanted to remove the stuff from the shelf. But now the stuff is stuck in a box and now the room is cluttered by the box.

The thing about decluttering is not just moving stuff from one place to another it is about removing it all together.

Moving it from place to place and shelf to box does not help remove the clutter it just "MOVES THE CLUTTER."

So the thing that needs to be done is it needs to be completely removed.

So the best thing to do is find what is expired and remove it right away.

Expired checklist

(1) Foods
(2) Coupons/Weekly Fliers
(3) Skin Care/Makeup
(4) Baby/Children Items
(5) Medications

(1) Broken makeup/Makeup Accessories
(2) Toys
(3) Batteries
(4) Remotes
(5) Accessories
(6) Jewelry (That Can't Be Fixed)

Here is a tip (Once you start getting rid of the expired stuff and broken stuff you will have a nicer area to work in and live in so you will want to declutter more items.)

When decluttering the bedroom its always a good idea to have a laundry basket nearby so you can sort the clothing.

take the clothing you wish to keep and was it by putting it in the basket. Next clothing you no longer need that is still good try to see if anyone can use it sister brother whichever. And then clothing that no one wants donate those pieces.

Once done in your room do children's clothing as well and also husbands clothing as well.

Go room by room with eh clothing decluttering.

Now you have the expired things gone as well as the broken things and the outgrown clothing or clothing that is just no longer any good gone from the house.

Now you have a lot more room and things are looking and feeling better.

Now to save some time and money.

Now with the clothing gone there is less mess and less to wash.

("Nope this does not fit me "So I will just throw it on the floor and find something else to wear." Well, you dig and dig and then have of your dress or closet was going on the floor and being rewashed.")

now with the clothing gone there less to wash which saves time and money.

Now for the broken toys. Take the current toys and sort into boxes or bins and see if they're still playing with if not sell in a garage sale or by the box on or on facebook local groups buy/sell/trade for your area.

Take boxes of toy cars or legos and sell by the box and let the kids buy new toys with the money.

But let them buy a bigger item. A remote control car or a video game. Something with fewer pieces so there is less mess to pick up later.

Keep bins or shelves for things they wish to keep. To help keep things organized and more together. The more organized things are they easier it is to find them and to also put them away.

Keep bins or extra dress for toys along one wall to keep things easier for little kids to reach and put there own stuff away.

(1) Removing expired foods and always check box for sticky "Coupons" On the box. And make sure coupons are not expired.

(2) If buying bins from dollar tree or dollar stores where items are $1.00 or less. Do not over pack bins.

(3) If using bins or boxes or trays. label them to help keep them organized.

*If you are looking for some free cute children toy labels check out

Of course, there are other ones online as well. But this was just something I found with a quick image search.

(4) Pay attention to your children's toys. Once something is broken dispose of it. Otherwise, it just takes up unneeded space.

(5) Have your children clean out their pockets daily and put change in a small jar and have them save there own change. After all, even a few cents a day can add up to a new (USED) video game very quickly.

(6) One hand washes the other. "Have a shore sheet with the children's chores written on them. And explain to them what you want to be done. And what their reward will be. If chore cannot be completed by a specific time. Do a double up. Tell them you have 15 minutes to spare. 5 for each child. And you will help the children with 1 chore each for up to 5 minutes each. But if you do this they will help you later on. Pick something from your chores you do and have them help you as a group do your chores.

By working as a group you can get your bigger chores done with a little extra help.

(7) Check for free furniture such as bookcases, entertainment centers, and storage furniture and plan it out before you get it.

("Bookcases cans store book, Toys, Video Games, Board Games, Bins to sort toys and even dress up pieces." ) ,(" Entertainment centers can be used for the same things as well. It all depends on the sizes and what you want to do with these pieces.")

you can even use old dressers to organize toys and such as well.

There are so many things you can use for organizing your stuff but when you organize your stuff you can better organize your time which can save you time and money in a long run.

Fear is a Major Motivation Killer!

I decided to write a post today telling everyone my personal opinions about fear and motivation.

The first thing I think people should know is that fear can kill motivation quicker then some people may think.

when it comes to whispers that can create fear which can overpower motivation.

What I mean by the above statement is that if someone tells you enough times not to do something or you can't do something you end up with nothing.

Example - when I was younger I never learned to swim I was always a bigger kid and overweight plus being on the shorter side it was not easy. So I never got into the larger pools because my grandmother always said: "If you slip into the pool and the water goes over your head you will drown." She never said you could drown it was always a fact that I would drown. And since I was so heavy I would sink like a rock and die.

So I never learned how to swim. I do get in the bigger pools I just don't swim with other people.

I will hold onto the ladder bar or the pipes around the sides of the pool and just float and kick my legs. But I won't let go of the bars in fear of drowning.

My cousin one year tried to pull me from the bar and I yelled I'm getting out. He said sorry and that he would teach me how to hold my breath underwater so I would not drown. But I could not learn since my fear was putting my head even an inch or two under the water.

So when I went to the hotel pool for his little brothers birthday 2 years ago I got in the pool and just stayed near the edges.

Fear is a powerful thing for some people it can even be more powerful than motivation.

Here are a few things I don't do because of fear.
(1) Join a gym (Fear of not being able to do much and being laughed at. Fear of breaking the machines because of my weight. Fear of being the biggest one in the gym and being laughed at.

(2) Swimming (Fear of drowning)

(3) Birds (My aunt Sandy has many birds in her house and they scare the heck out of me. About 2 weeks ago I walked in there and her master bedroom door was open and her bird "Baby" was out and it flew into the living room. I was just inside the front door next to the computer desk "I dropped to my knees and placed my head on the back of my head." My uncle Lonnie sat there and laughed at me once my aunt got the bird back into the bedroom I walk outside. My uncle Lonnie told my aunt Sandy, "it looked like I drop to my knees to pray." I am afraid of there quick movements and flapping wings. Its scares me.

(4) Learning to drive. I was always told not to sit behind the wheel or turn they ignition because if your not careful you can pull the vehicle out of gear and it will roll backward and run someone over. Plus being at my size I'm afraid also of not fitting behind the wheel of a lot of different vehicles.

 (5) Running in public fear of being laughed at.

(6) I have a discomfort of eating in front of people I would not really call it a fear more of a discomfort. I don't eat in front of my family or in the vehicle in front of my family or even go to family meals like Thanksgiving or Christmas or even Birthdays. I just don't because I like to nibble on things so people don't make fun of me. My aunt Sandy is the one that normally makes my plates. She will ask "what I want and she fills my plate and tells me to take it home with me if I don't finish it".

I have a few fears but what I need is some time to figure them all out and get over them. But fear is a powerful thing especially if you have had them for a long time.

Some people figure if your motivated enough that's all you need.

But what if its something so bad it makes you literally run from it like if you're in a pool and would rather jump out and run home. Or what if its like bird and almost makes you cry just by them being out of there cage and in the same room as you.

I understand people love the word lazy and motivation but what if its fear that is stopping you. Not a lot of laziness and a lack of motivation. But fear the kind that makes your heart race and makes you drop to your knees out of FEAR!