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31 December 2021 Review

I have been sitting here in front of my laptop thinking about what I should be writing today. And as I was sitting here I was thinking about also cleaning up my master bedroom which is where I normally take all of my review and unboxing videos.

As I look around the room thinking about what I want to put where I was remembering all the recent purchases I have made from review and influencer websites.

I normally get approved on some sites more than others but the site where I have gotten the most stuff and the best deals would have to be I have received things like an "Aromatherapy Diffuser" which I just got approved for last night. As well as a "Fitness Tracker Watch", "Tablet Mount Holder", "EL Wire Neon Lights Kit","LED Flame Effect Light Bulb","4 in 1 Immersion Blender (Red in Color)", "Selfie Ring Light With Cellphone Holder","Latex Elf Ears and many more items as well.

I have been working with this site for over 2 years and was one of the very first sites I started using when I started with product reviewing online. I have gotten so many great items from here and I have been enjoying this site for a long while not.

I have saved so much money with using this site I have saved hundreds if not more.

Something that I really like about this site is that when I get approved for something I am notified right away on facebook messenger.

So while I have facebook messenger on my cellphone I can keep up with my approvals. And another thing I like about the site is the requests for the reviews are very simple all you need to do is place a post on a site connected with rank-booster and place 3 simple #Hashtags. And a link to the actual product.

This is a simple site to use and just as simple to post the reviews for each product. And since they're not asking you to leave Amazon feedback or actual amazon reviews it makes it safer for your account.

Here is a list of the top 5 items I have received from at a discounted price on

Reeple Selfie Ring Light Cell Phone Holder Stand > Direct Link  "I purchased this to help with using my cellphone while making youtube videos"

Wand Massager Personal Body Handheld Massager > Direct Link "I purchased this for my lower back because being a plus size women is not easy"

Chianruey Fitness Tracker > Direct Link "I purchased this to help me keep accountable for my steps and exercise"

Aromatherapy Diffuser > Direct Link Aromatherapy Diffuser > Direct Link "I purchased this so that I could stop buying the air freshener cans"

Latex Elf Ears > Direct Link "I purchased this because I have been an anime fan for years. And now I have something for cosplay"

Here are my profiles where I write reviews and post my youtube unboxing and review videos.

Facebook Profile >
Facebook Page >
Twitter Profile >
Instagram Profile >
Youtube Channel > My Youtube Channel
Rank-Booster Profile >

#RankBoosterReview #RankBooster #Amazon #Shopping #Review #Discount
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30 July 2020

Firefox Tips and Tricks

Firefox has been one of my go-to web browsers for a while now. One of the main things I use is the addon called "Downloadhelper" and there are a few others I use automatically such as "ADBlocker Ultimate", "DownThemAll", "The Stream Detector", "Youtube Video and Audio Downloader".

Some of these are self-explanatory such as the adblocker but some might need a little tinkering.

Another thing I like about Firefox is the themes. For my current theme, I am using "Berserk - Gutts".

Here is a current screenshot of my "Firefox Browser".

Here is what I did to make my upper area more open.

(1) I removed all the add-ons and placed them all inside the "Overflow Menu".
(2) To make the "Search Bar" small what I did was I added (4) "Flexible Spaces" to the area past the "Search Bar" and it shrunk the "Search Bar" and the spaces I added where invisible add-ons.

Its very simple actually.

Now the add-ons are all inside the "Overflow Menu".

Another thing I have setup is the "Options Menu" I went to the "Home" area and set that up.

Here is what I did.

(1) Once in the "Home" area. Next "Home Page and New Windows" is set to "Firefox Home (Default)". "New Tabs" which is set to the same "Firefox Home  (Default)".
(2) "Firefox Home Content" is set to "Top Sites - (4 rows)"

Plus of course I also have my passwords and user names saved but other then that I have not done any other tinkering in awhile.

I will make another firefox post for the addons I use and how I use them.

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16 July 2020

Second Hand Goods For Home Office

Goodwill Tag Colors, Goodwill 50% Off Colors,
"Local Goodwill 50% off colors weekly colors"
When it comes to working from home. A small office might seem like it needs a lot of stuff or a lot of money to get started.

First, you think where can I put this small office I don't have a spare room I only have my kitchen counter to work at or even my dining room table.

Well if you have a table and are working from there it is not all that hard to get stuff done. Pens and pencils can be organized inside a crayon case. Scissors can as well. If you need something like files and folders you can store them in a wall hanging organizer and hang it behind a kitchen chair. You can even buy an extra calculator from your local dollar tree and keep it on your kitchen counter along with a notepad and some pens and pencils as well just in case the kids need to do some homework they can do it with the same stuff.

If you want to keep your work and home stuff separate you can always buy a used dressing area piece of furniture like a dresser with drawers and a door or even a few doors and use it to organize the stuff for work. Or you can buy a new or used armoire and convert it into a small office and keep everything in there including the PC.

There are many ways to find free or cheap used furniture there is, Facebook Marketplace, Facebook Buy/Sell/Trade Groups, There are even local second-hand stores as well. Plus you can always check with family members to see if they are going to have a garage sale or see if they are replacing any furniture in the next month or two. You can always get great deals that way or even free stuff that way.

Next check out local second-hand stores. Don't just check by going to places you already know about because there might be church run places or other places you don't know about. So the best way to check for second-hand furniture by using second-hand stores is by writing a post on a "Buy/Sell/Trade Group" and asking "Hey I'm going to be doing some second-hand shopping the week coming up is there any stores someone can tell me about other than the local goodwills."

You can find out about a lot more stores that way.

Plus if you offer to take a friend with you sometimes you might find out about new stores that way also.

Here are a few tips on second-hand shopping.

(1) Take a pair of plyers or a small hammer in case small nails are sticking out of cardboard backing.
(2) Take gloves to carry furniture, not by bare hands.
(3) Always take hand sanitizer and don't forget to use store sanitizers as well.
(4) If you have a mask wear it. Plus always check for great deals on masks as well.
(5) Take a tape measure.
(6) Take the sizes of the room before purchasing furniture.
(7)  Take photos of the room to make sure the furniture will look okay or even fit.
(8) Look for a similar item online to check for the price difference of new and used.
(9) If an item has paper covering and you don't like the color may be buying it and then a roll of contact paper might help. After all, don't just pass up because it is the wrong color you can change simple things just for a few extra dollars. "Dollar Tree stores sell contact paper for $1.00 each and sometimes in several different colors. Plus there crafting section has a nice selection of different things sometimes."
(10) Always check YouTube for DIY videos on how to update or upgrade the look of your file cabinet or plastic bins. Or How to use dollar tree organizing bins in a home office. There are hundreds and thousands of videos on YouTube on how to organize on the cheap.

I have even gotten things for free from my local area I got a older free desk plus I also got a few other things as well. It all depends on what your looking for and what your able to do with the stuff you find.

So good luck to you all and what your able to find.

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14 July 2020

How To Change PC Sounds And Get Free Sounds

Step (1) Find a free site such as (Zedge) and get free .MP3 ringtones. And then place them inside a folder inside your (Music Folder) and name it (PC Sounds) or something like this. I used ("PC Sounds").

Next, you will need to take the .MP3 files and convert them to WMA to play them on the PC as sounds.

To convert them you can do that online for free at (MP3 To WMA Online Converter). "Once the files have been converted they might be downloaded as a ZIP folder depending on how many files are converted at once."

Once the files are opened and moved into the "PC Sounds" folder you will then need to open settings>System>Sounds>Sound Control Panel and then in there click on "sounds" under "Program Events" select what you want to change the sound file for I started with " Desktop Mail Notification" and then clicked "Browse" button. And then found the folder inside music and then selected the WMA file I wanted to use.

And then clicked "Apply" then "OK" then all done. You can change each one or change many at once and then click "Apply" then "OK". I just changed one for now though. But it works the same way for other things as well.

I hope you all enjoyed this article. And enjoyed tinkering with your Windows 10 PC.

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13 July 2020

Calibre Best Free Ebook Manager

Calibre,Ebook Manager, Free Ebook Manager,Manga Collection
I have been using the free calibre Ebook manager program on my windows 10 laptop for a while now. I have been tinkering with it off and on as well.

I use it to convert free ebooks into PDF format so I can read some magazines and ebooks on my laptop from Google Chrome and rip out pages that I like and then organize them into folders.

But just the other day I found out about something called a "CBZ" Comic Book Zip folder I had never even heard of it before. And I now use the calibre program to convert my manga as well.

This is the best program to use if you are looking for a simple and free way to organize your ebook or manga collection.

I don't know where I would be with my ebook collection if it was not for calibre.

I now have the complete collection of "Baki - Son Of Ogre" on my RCA Voyager 3 Tablet.

Free Calibre Download "Calibre".

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